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Hate for the paint

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    Hi all

    need some help to get over hating painting my models

    my current project is a 30k army with max size units which I’m batch painting

    but it’s got to the point that I don’t want to touch them anymore

    i have switched to painting some Dnd models but I just can’t work up my usual medocior enthusiasm for painting


    please help as I cannot play an army that isn’t painted and I want to get this done to my usual mediocre standard ( I’m a builder /player not a fan of painting but do it as I want to play with painted armies not grey plastic)



    what faction is it?

    We can then send you lots of images of those minis or armies painted up to inspire you


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    I’m creating a knight’s errant force


    Cult of Games Member

    Have you thought about using a different media to “paint” them? I’ve seen quite a few tutorials were people are “painting” their miniatures using Sharpie markers, paint pens, Gundam markers, etc. Maybe that would help?

    Depending upon the complexity of the models, maybe you could use a spray paint to lay down base coats or base coat and a highlight. For example, if you are painting red, get a dark red and a light red spray paint. Spray the model completely with the dark red and then spray the light red top down. For a bit more coverage, spray at a 45 degree angle. Pick out some of the details and then do an all over wash to blend everything together.

    Another option is to block in all your colors. Don’t worry about highlights and shades. Then use a product like Army Painter Quick Shade and dip them. I’ve also seen people use Minwax Polyshade that they pick up at the hardware store to do the same thing.


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    I’ll be honest your best bet is to not paint, especially if you’ve tried a “pallete cleanser”. Ive found when this happens to me taking a break always helps, I have a few backup hobbies I’ll tinker with when the mojo leaves me


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    I’d agree with Wurzzel, unless you have some sort of deadline I would take some downtime if you’re feeling burned out.

    If you’d prefer not to then you could try breaking things up a bit.  Don’t think about painting the whole army, just pick a unit and focus on that.  Inject characters/special models in between units to spice things up.

    I’ve also found swapping to a different project or section of the same project that uses other colors can help.  Hammering out 80 guys in ultramarine blue will burn out the part of your brain that even wants to look at blue anymore 🙂

    Batch painting is nice for efficiency but can really change your mindset to looking at the project like a job.  I know you say painting isn’t your main point of fun but the more you can get yourself to look at it as an interesting topic in itself the less it becomes a mountain you have to climb over to get to the good stuff.

    Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the idea of starting a project here for the effort (if you haven’t already).  Getting some feedback from the community and the act of posting pics of your progression can help keep you motivated.  If you’d prefer a less public viewing swap shots with whomever you’re going to be playing.

    If nothing else know that you’re not alone in this.  All of us have motivation drop out from under us from time to time.



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    You’re aware of all the short cuts?
    I agree that even a basic paintjob looks better than bare plastic, but there’s plenty of tricks to get’r’done quick.

    If you’re painting knights, I’d make sure I’d basecoat all armour in metal and horses (if unarmoured) in whites/greys/browns.
    Use rattlecans, or, if you have one, an airbrush.
    Than you can just add some quick spot colours. If you feel you need some quick shading and such: army painters strong tone does wonders.
    And if you find this all to boring, listen to a book or podcast of course.


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    The music/podcast is a great point. My little paint station is in the living room so I paint whilst the SO  watches TV so there background noise to distract


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    Hi all tnx for your comments, I’m giving it a wee break as suggested, will start watching some epic sci-fi  movies instead for the weekend, see how my mojo feels next week


    if your interested in my knights errant force I will post pics


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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