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Help with building a Death Korp of Krieg GT 1750 force.

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    So within our gaming group, there are frequent local events at our gaming club and 40k as with many is a staple part of them. It has been a couple of editions at least since I have forayed into the game but one of the lads recently asked if I wanted to attend a GT with them. The guys and girls are planning to head to the heat at the end of 2020 as many wish to build new armies for it.

    Now I do enjoy going away to places to have a hobby weekend (love a good boot camp) and so have agreed. I set about going through the 40k armies that I like the look of but after a while came away a little disenchanted as nothing really caught my imagination. Then I remembered forgeworld and having gone through the stuff available on their website fell in love with the Death Korp of Krieg.

    I ordered the book and got a friend to let me know of points changes in the 2018 chapter approved and have spent all weekend tweaking and fine-tuning a list, to try and show as many of the different minis and units as I could while still producing a battle-forged force.

    It has definitely been a challenge, as there are so many options and wargear you need to make sure you haven’t missed or forgotten anything. Might have done a few list adjustments due to this……actually, let’s call it quite a few!

    Now I am happy its time to work out what I need to buy.

    My question is will these guys use the Astra Militarum cards and if so does anyone have any experience playing with or against Death Korp of Krieg to that can give me any advice.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

    • This topic was modified 4 months ago by  noyjatat.
    • This topic was modified 4 months ago by  noyjatat.
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