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Help with looking for rules for the Lone Star Navy

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    Hi Folks,

    With the release of Rebels & Patriots, a childhood nostalgia for the Alamo and a regular oopponent and I fans of Lion Rampant and Pikemens Lament I’m looking at gaming the Texas War of Indepence or Texas Revolution as you may wish to call it.

    In starting to read up a little on the subject I was surprised to learn that the first ‘unoffical’ engagement was really on the 1st September 1835 when Texans sized a Mexican Gold Ship, and further reading revealed further actions and a vital contribution that the Texan Navy hindered Santa Anna naval supply and thereby helped seal the victory in the war.

    But as in later conflicts it seems steam powered ships and early ironclads where being introduced I wondered what set of rules are avaliable to best cover this.

    It seems only catered for with Age of Sail type rules then jumping straight to ACW Ironclads.

    Any idea what rules with details of the ships used are avaliable?

    Thanks in Advance.




    Any age of sail set would probably work. How about Kiss me Hardy from TFL

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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