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Hobby Weekender 14/06/19 – Halfway through the year already?

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    Dia duit!*


    Many sincere thanks and please raise a glass and make a cheer for @crazyredcoat running the previous thread while your’s truly took a break.


    When something is good and useable, it should be reused. So without further adieu


    For all those new folks not in the know, this is an open, welcoming thread about all things hobby! Here you will find friendly banter, fine music, excellent company, and all the incentive we can legally provide to get some hobby done. For this week, I shall be the host, there will be points (hopefully), feedback (definitely), music (guaranteed), and damn silly things (because we can).


    First port of call for everyone is the traditional ‘Pledge’. Let us know what hobby you pledge to work on this weekend (and beyond). It can be anything from recolouring to full paint jobs and even just working your way through that pile of sprues in the corner of your room. We know they’re there. 😛 And if you don’t manage to get the pledge done? No harm! Think of this as your own personal support group for your hobby and just get involved. To get us started on the conversations I will pose a few questions. Feel free to answer all of them, some of them, or none; it’s your choice!


    Obviously for all you veterans out there, you know the code, but for the new chaps we have a few simple rules: be supportive, be kind, be respectful. No dickishness, try to keep clear of politics and religion, oh and keep the language a clean as we can…myself included there (I can be bad at times…).


    So welcome back, or come on in for a first visit! The fire’s warm (…or the sun is…or my laptop…) so pull up a chair and let’s get to it!


    The questions!


    1.     Do Crossovers in mini games work? Mythos were going to do it with Underestimated Games before the former closed its doors. Malifaux did it once or twice (I vaguely recall Lucius and another character appearing elsewhere). There’s the Smash Brothers video games. Massive Darkness minis can crossover with Zombicide (though they are owned by the same company). Mario crossed over with the Rayman series, kind of. Is there one you would like to see? Let’s keep it within the bounds of our hobby, but use stuff outside it to kind of enhance a point your making rather than go off in a tangent about it 😉


    2.     Are convention exclusive miniatures a good or bad thing in your opinion? If so, why. Either way, how would you improve how they are released.


    3.     Have you ever become mildly annoyed, ranging to infuriated, during a group game? Im not talking about rude players or cheaters, but a group game that is cooperative? Lets keep this one lighthearted and fluffy, and not too negative despite the nature of the question.


    Let’s get this started with a good party song!



    *Irish, as in the Irish language also known as Gaeilge (Gail-ga, not Gaelic, though it is a Gaelic language)





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    Just to be pedantic, and to answer the question in the title, we are only on day 165 of the year 2019 which means there are 200 days left.  We are current 9/20 of the days through the year, which is not quite half…unless my napkin is wrong!

    Tidy my painting table.  Paint some 28mm arabs.  Paint some 10mm fantasy figures.  Start painting some fantasy terrain.



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    @robert <20 points>


    10 points for the first post. Fair enough with the pedantictry but I shan’t reward points for it.


    I want to try something wiht you. One… two… three… seven…


    10 points for the pledge and wanna see pics at some point if you can! Those Arabs sound interesting.



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    My appearances may be patchy this weekender, but I plan to paint an Apothecary. We’ll see how far I get. I also still need to tally up last week’s thread… I’m a bit behind, but what’s new there?


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    @crazyredcoat I don’t think anyone will complain if you don’t get the points tallied up – there are more important things to be doing like painting your Apothecary.  Who else is going to collect gene seed and give your marines new bionics if he isn’t ready for the field of war?  Save your other tiny fighty men by painting your tiny savey man!

    @mage I wasted a napkin on no points.  The tree died in vain.


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    Hey hey hey folks!
    Pledge wise it’s an easy one as I’ve got contrast paints and a few killteam related bits to unpack tomorrow.
    And it looks like my ‘Over the Edge’ pledge is arriving too.
    I’m still waiting for my Joan d’Arc wave 1, but given how big that bit is I can wait *grin*

    1) do crossovers work ?
    I’m not convinced they’re a good idea to begin with TBH.
    Massive Darkness + Zombicide is to me more like an expanded universe or alternative timeline thing as opposed to a crossover.

    2) convention exclusives ..
    I dislike the idea of exclusives. It seems silly to exclude people from owning potentially great sculpts simply because they couldn’t attend a specific convention.
    And then there’s the problem that because of the limited release the miniatures can’t have any real use in games as it would ruin the balance.

    3) annoyed during a group game ?
    never played any, so I can’t comment.

    As terrible as the Expendables series was … the 3rd one had a nice catchy tune :

    And this is just silly :


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    1. Mostly it’s not good or even bad. Mixing genres doesn’t really tickle me. I like on genre over another for a reason

    2. As long as the miniature is only a different sculpt (Just cosmetic) it’s fine. But when they get special rules it’s bad (pay to win)

    3. No. Mostly because I rarely play group games. Either it’s a one on one, all against all, Big Evil against rest of the players or coop. I could see that happen if I were to play in a group tournament. But that really isn’t my cup of tea either.

    it’s close to  2:00 am here… I’m off to bed… cheerio Miss Sophie! *off*


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    My night shift is almost over. Then I go home to sleep for a few hours. Im gonna be a bit loosey goosey hosting this thread guys.  Its a coincidence though as to why I waited to reply; like a fine wine I wanted this thread to ‘breathe’ for a bit before I responded to people.


    When I wake up I will probably enjoy my Saturday by heading out for a few hours and enjoying sushi/shopping away from home in a nearby city. Ill reply later tomorrow afternoon or earlier in the evening. Ill be having friends over for a piza / computer game night so I will go radio silent. Sunday, I am not sure, and Monday I shall be heading to a metal gig so don’t wait up 😉


    My Own Pledge: Finish my Primaris Minotaurs Captain. Easy peasy.



    1. Do Crossovers in mini games work?

    I’m a huge fan of crossovers. Batman vs TMNT? Sold! Az turning up on the Weekender? Great. In mini games the first example I can think of is Senor Massacre being in Aristea. My best idea of a crossover would be the obvious Kharadron Overlords just transplanted as they are into 40k.

    2. Are convention exclusive miniatures a good or bad thing in your opinion?

    They do quite annoy me as usually the only way to get them is do the Scalper Dance through popular online auction sites. Alternate sculpts are slightly more fair.

    The Mantic model, chortle, seems the best, if the figure is at a show they let you buy them from the webstore. Reminds me, I still need Chris the hunter.

    3. Have you ever become mildly annoyed, ranging to infuriated, during a group game?

    I’m fairly easy going, unless my siblings are involved, so I can honestly say not happened to me. Maybe now I am older and grumpier I may subconsciously avoid these games.

    My pledge. I have already sprayed my Thule Society soldiers from Hellboy in Grey Seer and I happen to have picked up some contrast paints. Experiment commencing! I’ll try to take pictures at each stage as I go.



    Thank you @crazyredcoat great work mate!

    Sorry I wasnt able to contribute the last couple of weeks folks, but I’m hoping to get a bit of hobby time later this evening 🙂

    So my pledge will be a but of flames of war this week. I would like to get my starter German army to its ‘I’m ok to call it done’ phase.

    I got it to the ‘its looks grand during a game’ phase (so built, base texture, primed, zenithed and a bit of basic basing) during the bootcamp. I’m trying to set that level as a new basic entry point for me and armies, so they have some basic colour and a possible basing scheme so when I field it it adds to the game in some way.

    The challenge will be does anything I do at the basic stage stop me from doing anything cool in the next stages… mmm… painting the minis should be fine, but possibly the basing step might make is hard to do a better basing scheme later… but hey that’s what I’m testing so we will soon find out.

    The ‘ok to call it done’ phase is pretty simple to… flesh, bit of leather, weapons and a final soft tone wash to tie it together warm the uniform and cover my shit brush work (which is truly shit btw lol)


    1.    mmmm my personal preference is not to mess around with a good IP, I often find crossovers a bit cheesy if not done well. I think in the hobby space at least we like to absorb ourselves into the whole thing and anything that potentially breaks that suspension of disbelief can be a negative… so handle with care 🙂

    2.    I dont know tbh and I’m not soooooo invested in any piece of IP to be offended by the idea. I see it as a souvenir and yeah my live and live attitude kinda says fair play to them lol

    3.     Thankfully no, and I can see exactly where this could arise in even a coop game where a special kind of individual starts to negatively impact on others.

    Be back this evening folks, till then…



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    Sidenote: was about to watch the weekender and had to hit the pause button… didn’t look at the screen but when I did… I giggled a bit. Great profile picture for @dignity XD Either he’s about to sneeze or is stoned or drunk *g*



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    Bought this especially for @sundancer XD



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    Oh that’s something @amachan should see XD


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    @limburger looking forward to seeing what you do with the contrast paints!

    @mage who are you going to see on Monday?

    @woldenspoons again looking forward to see what you do with the contrast paint!

    @warzan I know you haven’t mentioned contrast paints, I am still looking forward to seeing your experiments with them

    @sundancer I was going to say something much ruder about that picture of Justin but this is a family show!

    • This reply was modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago by  robert.


    @robert Yes indeed mate. I’m planning on giving them a good test out as and when I can.

    We may find their use cases to be quite limited though as I’m pretty sure my method for the 15mm German force I’m painting at the moment is actually faster and probably easier to do than using contrast.

    Time will tell and I need to pick a project that is in some way suited to the Contrast method.

    Honestly I’m thinking about one of the board games, but I’m trying to think of one I actually want to invest the time into and will play (perhaps with the family) and the choice is quite wide these days lol.

    So my check list is.

    1) Somthing with quality components as I’m going to spend time on this. (Some of the KS is not of a high enough quality to warrant the time – and I dont think I’m being snobby taking that stance, it’s just I think it would be disheartening putting that effort into somthing with poor casts and cheap card)

    2) The game has to be fun and atleast allow me to simplify it a bit for the family to get involved.

    3) An underlying IP that’s not too adult in its theme.

    So a quality dungeon crawler or possibly I’m thinking the Harry Potter stuff from Knight models could be a good challenge for this?

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