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I Heard You Guys Wanted some Critical Reviews?

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    I started a YouTube Channel about a month ago so I decided to do some “Critical Reviews” of my own for some of my favourite Wargames.

    This is the Way I do Them:

    First Five Positives about the game that I really like.

    Next three annoying/irritating/negative things about the game I always house rule/am not really happy with/just don’t like

    Then What makes the game Unique/Special.

    I’d really appreciate any feedback, I have more videos in the works including one for “Legends of the Old West” the old GW Cowboy Game. If there’s any games you’d like to see reviewed just let me know and if I know anything about them I’ll give it a shot!

    There’s some other stuff on the channel with new stuff coming out every week so if you’d like to see anything gaming or History related just let me know. Anyone with an interest in Waterloo should definitely watch my hour long “Defence of La Haye Sainte” Playlist since I think it’s the best thing (content not visuals or audio) on the channel at the moment and the best indicator of the type of content I’ll be doing in the future.


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    So Far I’ve done

    Muskets and Tomahawks
    Bolt Action
    Sharp Practice
    Chain of Command


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    Nice work Dylan. I hear you mention basic impetus. Have you played the new version  at all?


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    Thanks @torros I have and I’ll add it to the list. The version I’ve played is Basic Impertus 2.0 but we didn’t get a lot of games before the interest died out. It was good as far as mechanics go but the thing it’s trying to sell (affordable Ancient mass battles) is done much better at a smaller scale. Compared to a game like Napoleon at War or Hail Caesar it felt very weird and almost like a “budget” game for people who didn’t want to paint enormous 28mm armies like you’d have to do for either of the earlier two.


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    Not particularly  fond of HC . I think like a lot of ancient games its too general and needs some work to fit a particular  period and too many special  traits etc


    I like to think of BI as a improved DBA. Something fun to play when you a couple of free hours

    I wouldnt want to paint massive 28mm armies either but it looks good in 15mm or smaller

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    Any chance of this in text-format ? (maybe even linked to the games in OTT ?)

    I’m not a fan of video reviews, especially if it is just ‘some guy on the internet(tm)’ talking (no offense intended).


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    Aaand.. subscribed. Great stuff @elessar2590 thanks for taking the time out to do these.


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    subscribed,…. gotta support fellow BoW’ers,…….. er OTT’ers, ……um CoG’ers, whatever we are now!


    Keep up the really good work mate.  If you get a chance, I’d like to see you review too fat lardies “Dux Britanniarum” system



    Great work, I too look forward to seeing your review of basic Impetus as it’s been on my radar for some time


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    Very good job on those (it’s hard to fit in under 20 mins), I do like the “meerph” ratings 😀

    I did like the fact you reached out to your fellow gamers for their thoughts on the different rules.



    Subbed your channel and looking forward to play your vids during hobby sessions : D


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    Two new videos One for “Legends of the Old West” for the Skirmish Guys and another for “Napoleon at War” for people into more large scale stuff (It’s a Divisional Game Jim will be able to tell us all the proper word for it because I can never remember them 🙂 ). NaW is actually an 18mm game but we play it in 28mm.

    Star Wars Legion has been filmed and Regimental Fire and Fury is in the planning stages.

    Thanks to everyone for checking out the Channel, it’s been really cool to see even a handful of people interested in what I’m putting out there.

    Also got a new mini series on the main actions of the 31/51st AIF at Bougainville in ’45 which was my Great-Grandfathers Unit. It covers Tsimba Ridge and the failed landing at Porton Plantation. The Battle of Tsimba Ridge alone is probably at least 20-30 skirmish games, 10 Platoon Level Games and at least three Company level actions so there’s something there for anyone looking for Late War Australian Inspiration.

    Plus a fun video about “The Battle of Brisbane” where the Australian Diggers started a riot with US MP’s over Beer and Women is coming out in two days.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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