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    So, since I had some time thinking about stuff whilst looking at progress bars moving I thought about a not to serious post apocalyptic game.

    Imagine the world of today (2020) dive into a global war. WWIII. Combine that with a quote that’s often associated with Einstein.

    “I don’t know what weapons might be used in World War III. But there isn’t any doubt what weapons will be used in World War IV. Stone spears.”

    So no Fallout/Wasteland world but more a Stone Age thing. As a skirmisher I’d think of small parties with characters that can develop (similar to Fallout Wasteland Warfare) but with lower tier weapons. Is there any rule set that could me easily modified for this without the need of special dice like F:WW?



    Rangers of Shadowdeep ?

    Because the ‘old world’ is a distant memory … so you might have modern-ish references, but the tech itself is effectively the same sort of stuff the ancients would have used. Magic is simply whatever ancient tech still works but isn’t understood.

    Consider the episode ‘Omega Glory’

    The real trick is finding miniatures that are ancient, but with modern looking weaponry.
    Best example would be the art of ‘Horizon zero dawn’



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    Na, H:ZD isn’t the style I had in my mind. I was going more like cavemen with fur and unwashed hair. Not tribal and certainly no tech.



    Savage Core by Lucid Eye might be worth looking into… sounds as if it could do what you want

    Savage Core is a fast play, competitive set of skirmish rules set in a primal land of savage warfare where clans battle for survival. Mature readers only, mature themes of primitive warfare.

    I know nothing about the rule set but the miniature range is lovely, especially the Simians and Cro Magnon


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    That sounds about right


    My first thought that does involve tech in some regard but the throwback was just a bit of humor from cartoon land

    Then I thought that there might be a bit more with serious tech overtones and dragged out the info for Degenesis that was put out for free. A damn deep dive I’ll say once you begin into the fluff.

    @robert Savage Core does look interesting as a rule set from videos I’ve looked at

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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