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    I looked over Kickstarter and found that Creality have a project going for a heated rolling bed for their printer that pushes out filament like a mill( the 3DPrintMill Creality CR-30)

    It seemed interesting that they’ve managed a 20’/6m long bar from the machine. Apparently Naomi Wu has a video of it on YouTube as well. I watch her for the tech… really.. and I used to read magazines for articles


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    “Came for the tech, stayed for the boobs” 😉 She really knows here stuff (on tech) but her accent makes it hard for me to follow the train of thought at times. Yes, yes I know, the German complaining about others peoples English… but I can’t help it. At times it’s hard enough to follow a talkshow or podcast when all speakers are native speakers but when foreign accents get in the mix… oh boy.

    On topic: endless prints really are something nice. Not so much for the mass production of several small items but the long stuff.  Or simple single pieces that would need some slicing otherwise.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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