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    Good morning Puniverse! How are you today? Great song and I hope you are all bright and happy…jolly good. This week has been interesting as the Aussie government are finally closing Ayres Rock to people climbing up it. At last!

    Well, another week drifts by and sucks another part of your soul as it does. Fear not! We are here to give you that back and a bit more at no extra charge. This is the perfect place to relax and forget all your troubles, if only for a while. We are a happy bunch in here and we like to keep it that way.

    Please read all the instructions before you start…it saves any trouble later.

    It may seem a little daunting if this is your first visit, or if you are new to OTT, but it really isn’t. Nobody here will judge you. No, that is for a vengeful god to do. We might take the piss, but feel free to give as good as you get and it is all done in the best possible taste.

    First you must make a “pledge”. No, you can keep your first born. I am not starting that coven up the woods again. Your “pledge” needs to be something gaming related. The size is not important, but if was to tell you – you would think I was talking centimeters! Base those Space Marines, slop about some paint, or build another company of tanks…it is up to you. The best thing is that you don’t even have to finish it. No, here “happiness is the road” and we just like to wander.

    However, I expect some pictures as evidence.

    Note: NO PLEDGE = NO PLAY! (it is supposed to be interactive)

    There are also a few questions. The idea is that is will get the conversation started and we can all get to know each other better. That is the whole point. I would like your answers to be conversational and not just a couple of words. No text chat either. The word “basically” is also banned. It doesn’t mean anything anyway.

    1. My mother send me a bag of stuff for my birthday and she also included a book from when I was really, really young. It was my favourite book when I was learning to read and I would read it every night with my grandfather. This got me thinking as I was drifiting off to sleep…Tell me 2-3 things that were important to you when you were young.

    2. Everyone likes a bargain. What have your best ones been?

    3. What is your approach to “the rules” when you are playing games?

    It is expected that you accompany your work with only the best sounds. No headphones. Played at 11. No Wuss-rock either. Post a playlist for us to enjoy as it is always great to discover new music.

    In here we use Scottish pub law: No Religion & No Politics. However, it if better illustrates a point then it is allowed, but don’t take the piss. You’ll get the malkie.

    There is only one rule that cannot be altered is this: NO DICKS. Firms! It’s like the sign says:


    You are encouraged to show-off, post a picture, tell a story of love or woe, and just let it all out. It is also expected that you behave like a gentleman, or lady, while in here.

    If all of that is clear…you may begin!


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    I guess i’ll be FIRST! You all had the chance…

    I got the Pak 40 sprue from Blyth Games. It took less than 30 hours to get to me. Pretty impressive. My ‘Battlegroup’ forces are pretty small, but I add a bit here, and a bit there. I was very taken with @robert‘s PAK 40’s and I have been wanting to add some German tank hunters.


    There is heaps of stuff on the sprue. Plastic Soldier Company rules.


    There is even a tractor! I love it.



    First! Some awesome kit there. What scale is it?

    Off to work. Questions, pledges, tunes, upon my return! 🙂


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    Hi @unclejimmy

    Those PSC Pak 40s were meant to be my next German 15mm purchase but I ended up getting 2 Ferdinands, another FoW starter set, some Panzer IIIs and more Stugs. Birthday treat and all very cheap.  Next will be some Marders, I think.

    the starter set Will also give me plenty of Shermans and a couple of Infantry platoons for a US force as well.

    Pledge – I’m at the 40k weekend so will be working on Nurgle.

    I’ll get back to the questions sometime. Currently on a train listening to Lunar Shadow – fantastic epic heavy metal.  Self titled album is worth a listen.


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    @ceppie – 1/100th (15mm). Nice, isn’t it? £5 for the whole sprue. I would say “have fun”, but you might think I was taking the piss! 100pts.

    @robert – Marders rule. 50pts. Nasty little things too. Is the 40K weekend a ‘bootcamp’ sort of thing? We will be needing some inside info and pictures. Working on Nurgle is good enough. It was always my favourite…

    Say “HELLO!” to everyone from me.

    “Epic Heavy Metal” – I can dig that. 30pts. I’ll give it a listen. I got an album called “Crawling Chaos” by Autism. Sort of operatic/prog metal. I got it based on the title!

    Have fun.


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    The title is from the original ‘forum’…the fanzine. I had a few of these bought from the KardBar in my youth. They also sold Stick Insects. I found one in a box when I was unpacking some junk from my dad found in their attic.


    I tried to do one at school, but just got beaten-up. As usual!


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    First time posting… This weekend I am planning to build some scenery (abit of an eclectic mix of 1950s, desert and gangs of rome) – mostly 4ground and ttcombat.

    Additional – will paint some of the modern miniatures I have (4 Americans, 4 chinese) whilst I await more moderns miniatures turning up.

    3 things that were important:
    1)An andrex dog my mum used to have as a kid, which my dyslexic mind called ‘boggy’ rather than doggy.
    2) a blanket that used to follow me everywhere
    3) is probably the sharpe series dvd/novels, because i found reading hard i liked that i could have a visual to go along with the books. truly the book series that actually got me to focus on reading to be honest.

    too many to list.
    – probably an old german coin for a pound which the woman thought was a dog medal
    (i had the note equivalent and my german nan used to tell stories of her interwar/war child hood)
    – an old book set of the pickwick papers i got dirt cheap – really nice condition too

    approach to rules, i like to play fast and loose to be honest and normally get reigned in by my rule obiding brother haha

    music to follow!


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    All right… lets do this!

    Hello all, hello @unclejimmy
    hi @robert haven’t said hi to you for a while

    It has been a while since I joined in, and never while @unclejimmy was around. Anyway, to the point: my Pledge!

    This weekend I’ll be working on some 40k stuff: Primaris Marines for the Blades of Vengeance chapter. Photos of the pledge later I’m waiting for them to upload to my cloud storage.

    So to the questions:

    1. Important stuff to me as a child? In no particular order:
    Fighting Fantasy books. They really are one of the hooks that got me into RPG’s and this hobby in general. Between my brothers and my youngest uncle and myself we had a reasonable collection. As well as the actual Fighting Fantasy RPG sourcebooks. I still have some of them.
    Our collection of VCR’s recorded from video store hires or (mostly) TV. Especially Labyrinth, Lady Hawk, Willow and the Star Wars trilogy. The best thing to keep this kid entertained when home sick from school or a rainy school holiday day.
    Pets. We always had a some kind of pets when we were growing up. Over the years we had various dogs, a cat, a pair of birds and 5 fish, a family of Guinea Pigs. I reckon having pets is an important part of growing up.

    2. A good bargain?
    ah, this is one of those questions that’ll brew in the back of mind and percolate and eventually something will result. Buying in on the original Kingdom Death kickstarter was a good deal. For the amount I paid then I’d only get the base game at full retail now… I got so much more stuff than that! But a really good deal… I’ll have to think on that one.

    3. The “rules”
    Learn the rules, play the game. Have the fun.
    Don’t let the rules get in the way of the last one. Though I find it depends on two factors: Setting and Game.
    Of course it depends on the setting: a tournament situation is significantly different to playing against mates in the garage. But in the later case, play the game, fudge the rules if necessary in the heat of the moment, clarify it later.
    The Game is important too: GW games? the hell with it. 4+ it and sort it out later. Infinity? seems much more important to know the rules, or at least the order of operations. Even if you forget what TO camo does, you’ve got to know what to do when your opponent says “as an ARO I fire with my HMG” when you thought your mini was moving out of line of sight of all opposing minis…

    As per usual I’ll be back to participate properly as of Sunday night Sydney time. Work all day Saturday, then pick up my daughter. Father-daughter time Sunday then take her home to her mum’s place Sunday night, back to being solo Sunday night.

    Music though!

    And just for good clean fun:



    Cult of Games Member

    Ehhh??? So just popped in after an extended Haitus and find out that I’ve been dragged into a timeslip….

    Anyhoo, welcome back @unclejimmy Matty says Hi…. then wandered off mumbling something about kicking my ass this weekend.

    As for a pledge, we’ll be dropping a game of Wild West Exodus in at some point over the weekend, Matty wants to try out his new Conquistadores for his outlaws.

    Now on to this weeks questions:

    1) Oxygen was pretty important, and my parents knew it…. and I knew they knew it, so when I couldnt get my way I would deprive myself of said oxygen until they gave in. Mum would panic at the first sign of blue lips but my dad seemed to like the colour. I seem to remember him telling my mum “He cant hold his breath when he passes out.”

    My family was pretty important to me as well (still are). They fed me and cleaned up after me and tried to keep me out of trouble (mostly in vain).

    I also loved my books although I didnt really have a single favourite. The hobbit, Stig of the Dump and the Professor Brainstrorm books were among the top ones.

    2) The most recent bargain I got was a Kraken (for Warmachine) off ebay for £30. Guy thought there was some bits missing so priced it accordingly…. there wasn’t so I was extremely pleased with that. Also bought a guitar for £20 from a charity shop a few years ago and sold it on for £200 which wasnt bad.

    3) The Rules…. Mmmmm…..Well, it depends on the situation I suppose. When me and Matty play each other, I think of them more of a guideline than something set in stone. As long as we have fun I dont think it matters too much. Matty struggles to retain a lot of complicated stuff anyway. In tournaments or when playing someone you’re not familiar with, unless otherwise agreed upon pre-game, I think it’s pretty important to stick to the RaW. That way theres no confusion and keeps the playing field level for both players.

    Some tunes






    Safely tucked into my work cubicle, and ready for another demeaning day.

    Pledge: battle boards… endless f*cking battle boards. I’ll need to step away at some point, and will also try to work on my starship crew… more of these guys:

    IMG_0698 (3)

    Three things that were important:

    A. solitude. I had four brothers and a mom full of whiskey.

    B. Toy soldiers, believe it or not! I probably had a thousand of them, including the ones swallowed by artillery barrages in the sandbox.

    C. A book, any book, sci-fi, fantasy, Sven Hassel, or even Hardy Boys in moments of literary desperation.

    2. Best bargain? 40 marks for services at ‘The Wall’ in Nurnberg… back in the 80’s, mind you.

    I’m thinking the Rampart Cathedral kickstarter, shipping this week, might be a close second.

    3. Approach to rules: when a rule is overtly stupid, and everyone recognizes it as such, we change it on the fly, make an ink amendment, and when the entire rule book is scribbled up, I retype the whole thing and drop it in a binder. If there’ s an argument or disagreement, the rule is ‘I rule’.

    Music when I get home. Listening to Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman’ on the radio as I type this.


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    @unclejimmy I didn’t know you were still collecting 15mm WWII. So why were you getting rid of your Pz IV’s last week?

    Welcome @skiptotheend I think you’ll like it here. 🙂

    Good to see you @rayzryr and @robert . @biggabum long time no see! It’s Craig from Canada, all incognito and sneaky like. Matty still kicking you ass? Are you still playing Warmachine? I’ll need some pics as proof. 🙂

    For question 1 am reminded by @rayzryr that I should add tropical fish to the list! I had aquariums all over the place. Still love fish, but the water in my well is too hard to house them. I may put in a cistern at some point and fire up a small tank again. Vi actually wants me too.



    Cult of Games Member

    @ceppie hey mate didn’t recognise you hiding there behind the rubber plant in the corner 😀 How are you Sir?

    Yeah sadly (for me) Matty ‘s ass kicking skills have improved recently (or he’s slipping something in my pre-game coffee). Yeah we still play Warmachine…. probably get a game of that in next week tho, Matty has new toys for Wild West Exodus he wants to “Expletive, expletive, expletive, revenge, expletive expletive.” me apparently.

    Nice Space Dude by the way



    @biggabum Sounds like you recently laid a beating on him in Wild West Exodus. I’d like to see the rematch! 🙂


    Cult of Games Member

    Eventually I get sat down…

    @skiptotheend – a massive “HELLO!” to you. You make a good first impression…your picture. Where does it come from? 50pts.

    TTCombat is another good choice. They rule. 100pts. Pictures?

    Modern also rules. What do you play that requires ‘modern’ minis? We play Force-on-Force using 20mm minis.

    1. Do you mean a real Labrador or the toy Andrex puppies? Dyslexia is good. Heather, my wife, is very dyslexic…I met her when she used to sell her body on the street. She told me she worked in a warehouse! Boom-boom.

    I could not have survived without Dr. Who. Any time between the ages of 7-10 my mother would just threaten me with, “No Dr Who on saturday…” if I was doing anything I shouldn’t. However, I was a good boy and it only ever happen once. This might sound silly, but in 1975 that one show was all there was! Not only was there no Internet, but no computers, and there was only three channels on the TV.

    Oh, that one saturday I wasn’t allowed to watch the Doctor in the final episode of “The Brain of Morbius” she also made me stay in the house during the episode being on TV. No video recorders either! I still haven’t seen that episode.

    This was the ‘real’ Dr. Who. Before he was consumed by the lefties. Jon Pertwee was not only brains, but he would kung-fu chop the baddies. I thought he was awesome. When he transformed I thought my life was over too. However, Tom Baker made it all better. All the rest were pointless. Best Doctor anyone? For me it has to be Peter Cushing.

    A blanket? You need to explain these things to me. Unless you expect me to gut a Crow! 100pts.

    I have read two of the Sharpe books, but they are not really my thing. Great books and well-written. I did enjoy the fist 2 series of the TV show! One of my neighbours is into them.

    2. Do you still have the coin? It is great to find stuff like that. 50pts. The first PC we bought was just over £2000. CD ROM, 4MB memory and a 250MB hard drive. It was £55 deposit and £105 a month. We payed the deposit, got the computer, and the company went bankrupt. Never heard a word from them. My dad wouldn’t speak to me for a week…he is half Scottish.

    Not a bad start for a cherry…keep up the good work and I met let you stay!

    @rayzryr – you could have had a name I could spell! 50pts. Hello to you too. Well, you joined in with the rest…now try the best. Nice to meet you.

    I love the picture…ginger cats rule. 1000pts. Are you a cat person?

    mowgli-deep in thought

    Mowgli deep in thought. He was a big cat and weighed 8.1kg.

    Well, I am not ‘up’ on the latest Wacoshop stuff so pictures will help me. Are those the bigger Marines? I look forward to seeing what you can do. Don’t worry I can’t paint for toffee!

    1. I remember them. I had a Shelock Holmes book that was similiar when I was 13(ish). It was fantastic to get to the end and start again. I was never into ‘fantasy’ so never tried any of the FF books. 100pts.

    Labyrinth is awesome…well, it has Bowie in it. It isn’t a film, but just a normal night around at his place. 100pts. I remember my first Bowie track too. Space Oddity on my dads 8-track in the car.

    So, you were a very early video pirate? I won’t tell. We had video tapes going all up the wall of our stairs, but all the things I recorded are availible online now…my dream come true.

    Question: What about everyone else?

    Pets rule. 100pts. We have 6 cats and I look after my daughters two Pugs. When I was 13 we got our first dug. A beautiful Jack Russell caled ‘Trixy’. It was mental for killing things and would jump over the side of the boat to go after a seagull! I had to go after her twice. One of those time I even offered to do it.

    Question: Are pets just dumb animals or do they understand everything you say to them?

    3. We don’t play “fast-and-loose”, but we do have a very open approach to the rules. We like to imagine how it would be (if it was real) and how the rules apply to that. Sometimes in Infinity a bit of a mini will be sticking out from behind, or visible through, some bit of terrain. We like to play, “…would you take the shot?”

    Is your brother a rules lawyer? I do like your approach. Do you play Infinity?

    Oh, are you an Aussie?

    The Stooges – 100pts. Now Iggy advertises car insurance. Johnny Rotten told me he was the anti-christ in 1977, but now sells butter. I am confused.

    @biggabum – no timeslip, my brother! However, it is time to get this running properly. How have you been and how are the family? 100000pts.

    I still have that picture of Matty and have wondered what he was upto often. Is he still painting and beating you at everything?

    1. Could you really hold it until you passed-oot? You know what I am thinking…100pts.

    I never got ‘The Hobbit’. Tried it twice. Eventually burned it. The only other book I have ever burned was ‘Emma’. That one deserved it.

    2. Hobby bargains rule even better. 100pts. I got that sprue for £5 and was over the moon with it. Good work with the guitar.

    3. I bet Matt doesn’t forget when it caused you to die? It’s like Jamie and I. We play Infinity as though it is fluid – so would you really do this, or that? Rules lawers suck.

    King Crimson rule. 100pts. I still think the intro to ‘The Court of the Crimson King’ is hard to beat. Your choice is Steve Rothery’s favourite and was a big influence. I will have to play it later.

    It is amazing to have you back!

    @ceppie – another day, another $4.36! When I first left training I was getting paid £22 a day. Looking back I must have been out of my mind. It is only because you are young and stupid that you do it.

    I like the crewmans hat. Nice. 50pts.

    1. I never had a problem with that…no siblings. It was the good old days too – children could go out for the whole day and nobody was concerned about you. 100pts.

    I never had a mother full of Whiskey, but she was a bit ‘unusual’. She is a brooder!

    I also has hoards of toy soldiers. I wish I had discovered ‘rules’ a lot sooner than I did. Knocking them over with a golf ball is not the same. However, when my grandfather would dig over the garden my neighbour, and best friend, Keith would set them up and throw clumps of soil which would ‘explode’ when it hit the ground.

    My mother did not like me having my nose in a book all the time. I would pack 5-6 for our holiday, but she would find them and they would “go missing”. I was supposed to be out making friends and playing football. Football is for the empty-headed and I don’t have much in common with anyone I meet. Parents are weird. In fact, when I first started working for Newcastle Uni she didn’t tell any of her friends!

    2. Typical squaddie! No class. 100pts. Did you bring anything home with you? Never done that before, but I do enjoy a lapdance from the right young lady.

    3. I thought you might be a bit like that. Me too. 50pts. There is a difference between suspending disbelief and shitty rules.

    Metallica – not really me. Some good stuff. Apocalyptica do a good version of ‘Enter Sandman’ if you haven’t heard it.

    For my 15mm games I play a Kursk style game and they didn’t fit in. I am being quite harsh with myself getting rid of stuff I don’t think I will use. I bagged up the Tau bits and Dwarves, but need a box.


    Cult of Games Member

    Now we are cooking! 1000pts. Time for me to get some stuff done too. A Domaru to finish and that bike needs some attention. The house is empty tomorrow so I will be sitting here all day and might get something done.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

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