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Justin Reading list (LoinCloth approved)

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    Dear Justin,

    I heard there are over 500 titles in the Black Library.

    Have you read all of them?

    I have been reading the Primarch Novels. I am curious to know what you and other cultists think of them.

    I just finished Konrad Cruze’s novel.  I recommend listening to Mayhem when reading it. Man, that was a brutal piece of fiction. It is worth reading for the atmosphere and setting. The character development of Cruze is lacking though.  Given his origin, I doubt he had much choice with how things happened.

    There is a part in the book where Cruze asked his straggler sons if they know what happened to Sevatar.  Is this a reference to another book?

    Overall, I thought “Fulgrim” was the best of the series.  The writer really got inside of Fulgrim’s mind AND conquered a planet with five or six men.  I imagined Fulgrim’s voice sounding similar to Robotech’s Commander Khyron only less arrogant.

    On the bottom of the list is Lorgar. I love the Word Bearers. They are my favorite Chaos Faction. The book was told from Kor Paheron’s POV. That guy is a bully and a coward. There is a big reveal at the end of the book… but it was stretch.  It reminded me of the Doctor(s) who acts like they are unaware of the situation but in reality are controlling everything.



    I must have read about a hundred of them. Almost all the HH novels plus novella collections. Gaunt’s Ghosts, Gotrek & Felix, the original Inquisitor books, the SW novels, Eisenhorn and Ravenor and I even still own the first run hard cover ‘Double Eagle’ with the binding mistake. Plus other novels I can’t remember the titles now, the exiled Space Marines ones for example. I also owned several original comic books like the ‘Redeemer’ and the Ork pilots ones. Sadly, I lost the overwhelming majority of my library around 7 years ago. Slowly rebuilding it.

    And yes, the question about Sevatar is a reference.

    €dit: I just noticed it was a question for Justin. I’ll bonk myself in the head for a bit now. Better yet, I identify as Justin for the day and call it good. Now I’m interested in TrueJustin’s(TM) answer. lol

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