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    Has anyone else looked at the Kickstarter from Scale 75 for their “Instant Colors”?

    From right now (24APR2020) it has 13 days left.  It looks like they have a total of 48 paints (6 sets of 8 paints each).



    Cult of Games Member

    Yes. Liked the intro video but I would want a set of base colours and so far all sets look like “shades of the same colour” :S



    I do think that the sets look too much like ‘variants of’ a specific colour (mostly grays / greens / blues).
    If it hadn’t been for the painted figures I would still be looking for a real ‘red’ and ‘green’ , because the background colours for the various sets make the paints dissappear.
    Then again, this sort of matches every paint set they’ve done to date as all of them are themed to specific colours.

    GW’s set isn’t sorted in anything remotely resembling order, which does have the benefit of making the bright red and orange easier to find for example.

    The comparison to GW’s Contrast range is going to be interesting.
    I look forward to see what this will be like.
    GW Contrast did not get a fair chance by the more talented painters.
    I’d blame GW’s marketing and the fact that people are really quick to dislike things they do.

    Scale 75 already has a more mature / artist oriented feel despite the fact that their kickstarter is a bit whimsicial.

    A quick comparison by the numbers :

    – Paint colours : 48 (S75) vs 34 (GW)
    – Price : 150 (during kickstarter) vs 180 (retail) vs 215 (GW webshop)
    – Content : 17ml dropper bottles vs 18ml GW style pots
    – Scale 75 have 3rd primer colour (a light gray)

    The videos make it look like the S75 colours are more consistent in behaviour whereas GW’s appear to be a bit ‘random’.

    The real difference however is in the painting style and type of colours.
    GW is definitely more bright & bold.
    Scale 75 appears more pastel like. This appears to be true across their entire range with the exception of their Neon FX set.

    Both have the same idea (getting minis painted faster), but Scale 75 appears to be a bit more refined  whereas GW’s is a bit more crude.

    Looking at the info so far it may be cheaper to buy into the Scale 75 paints instead of the GW contrast range.
    Availability however may mean that GW’s paints are likely to be more widely available, although the kickstarter has retail-focussed pledge levels.

    [disclaimer : I am backing this one]

    // — edit —

    Interesting aspect : Scale 75 sort of claim that no varnish is needed to ‘protect’ the mini …
    I kind of doubt that this will be true in real life, but it would be cool.

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    I had a good look at the KS page yesterday.

    The sets of 8 are very themed around a colour, but I thought the set of 16 in a box was a good variety if you wanted to get a bit of everything. Wizard pledge.


    Cult of Games Member

    @nighthaunter666 yeah but then you need a primer of theirs too and with shipping you’re suddenly at 94€ for 16 colours… naaa, if they arrive in any FLGS I’d give them a go by buying one or two colours to experiment with.


    For sure, they’re not going for the cheap end of the market. But they seem to be getting the numbers in. and plenty of the retailer racks are going too, so hopefully you’ll be able to find it there.
    Personally, I don’t like the effect of contrast style paints, but it’s always good to see someone giving GW a bit of competition.



    I’ve been using Warcolours transparent range since before GW came up with “Contrast” paints. They are amazing – especially over pre-shaded or zenithally primed models.

    I have some S75 paints, and love them, but since I already have about 15 of the transparents, I don’t see a need to add any more.




    like GW’s contrast I’m still baffled why people think you “need” their primer, it’s just a light colour in a satin finish to help flow. Neither companies are magical and if you want to go and grab a lada cream spray from a car body shop you’ll find it will work


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    trouble is: when something new comes along at first you have to trust the company behind it. You wouldn’t want to waste any of that paint just because you used the wrong primer. But then again I trust people who did things differently then the manufacturer said and if it works it works 😉



    Actually, I’d trust S75, but I’m so entrenched in my existing paints, it’s hard to spend a large amount of money for what might be a marginal gain in my painting speed. Also, I haven’t seen GW nor S75 paints on clearance, and I can still use conventional paints with zenithal priming.

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    @avernos I prefer the Trabant cream spray myself.


    Cult of Games Member

    Skoda rust is pretty good as well



    after making the mistake of using the wrong paint for one of my minis once … I’d rather put my faith in an ‘official’ primer.
    Or at least one that people have confirmed to be good for models.

    Companies themselves will want you to buy everything from them, because that maximizes their profits.
    The problem is separating marketing bullshit from actual features, which is kind of hard when no technical descriptions are used. Then again … tricking people into buying your primers is difficult if they can easily compare with competing brands (or even generic primers that aren’t dedicated to our niche).

    It makes me wish there were websites that tried to compare paints so finding alternatives was easier and less risky.

    Anyways …

    They’ve posted a few videos of a more complex paintjob :

    I have to say I do like the amount of examples they’re providing.



    One interesting (newish) development is that they have shown these paints over a metallic basecoat, which if I’m not mistaken, GW contrast can’t do.

    Also, the metals painted on the bust are done just using these Instant Colours, or using then over a metallic basecoat.



    “One interesting (newish) development is that they have shown these paints over a metallic basecoat, which if I’m not mistaken, GW contrast can’t do.”

    I think we tested this in the studio and it worked, if not let me know before I bugger something up 🙂

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