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Legions Imperialis City Tiles

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    I’ve just released a new tile set in 8mm scale if anyone wants to get a head start on 3D printing a new battlefield ready for LI!

    Each tile is 6×6″ and designed to print easily on FDM printers with no supports and hidden layer lines so they look great on the table.

    You can build some really interesting layouts using the smaller sections of tiles over the GW 12×12″ ones. You can make some really interesting shapes for the building foundation areas rather than just the plain old square blocks.

    There’s also a free sample tile on the store page too 🙂

    Terraforma Epicminium – The Dragon’s Rest (


    TE Product Render 001

    TE Product Render 002

    Product Render Varied Layouts

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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