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Legions of Steel Reboot Kickstarter Release

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    – The classic fast paced skirmish tactical miniatures game re-mastered for 2020. The Kickstarter launch is October 26th. See a game overview video HERE.

    – A game played for nearly 30 years by thousands of fans, with an amazing community that is thriving once again after the successful release (and on-time delivery) of the Classic Legions of Steel Kickstarter earlier this year.
    – A gaming universe which will be supported on an ongoing basis with monthly downloadable content including new scenarios, unit rules, artwork, news, fiction and lore.
    – A boxed set with everything you need to play including 32 modular map tiles and scenario book plus the first expansion, hero characters and additional miniatures available right away.
    – An army list so you can customize your forces and tactics.

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    All the Best, Marco Pecota

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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