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    Hello all

    I am looking for something cheap and cheerful to paint. NOT Fantasy (done lots of this)

    Any ideas. I have painted a few 15mm tanks in the past

    Cheers Dean


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    There are tons of new SciFi models out there.


    If your really looking for a painting challenge I would suggest “CELESTIAL GENESIS SERIES”.    OTT has in the past hosted a painting contest based on these miniatures.


    Some see them as Fantasy, but I see them as SciFi’ish.


    I have one and can vouch for the high quality of the miniatures.  Detail rich, interesting poses, and tons of color palette choices.



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    You could try non-gothic sci-fi. The new Stargrave boxes have plenty of options and a reasonable price tag. You can see them unboxed here


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    There’s the new plastic cowboys kit from Great Escape, cheap but look like a lot of fun to paint.


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    The Stargrave boxes come to mind…



    Well, if you are just looking for a “cheap and cheerful” model to build and paint you could buy one of ming’s Toon world war2 tanks. You can’t get much more cheerful than super deformed tanks, they are technically historical subjects, and they cost anywhere from $15 to $25 which is fairly cheap particularly when considering that  they work relatively well with heroic 28mm Sci-Fi subjects like Wargames Atlantic’s Death Field kits.

    If you want to skip the building part then I recommend either looking at metal manufactures or better yet giving a real long look over the 1/72 (20mm/HO scale) 40 figure plastic box manufacturer’s offerings on Plastic soldier Review  particularly for the Napoleonic, Victorian, and early pulp era stuff as that all tends to be bright and colorful when it comes to the color palette at least and 1/72 has more non-fiction subjects and is cheaper than 28mm scale (1/72 is the scale we should all be playing historical and modern in if we were not multipart kit addicts).

    If you must do 28mm cause its the shiny scale, Victrix ($30-$32 for 45-60 nappy era figures), Wargames Atlantic (lots of historicals, Death Fields, and remolded Iron Core sets which if you go 28mm I recommend at least looking at as the Iron core SciFi kits are great kits),  Perrys (not even going to go into them), and  Conquest Games (a good range of late Viking era Normans) all have decent prices and stuff that might tickle your fancy, though they are still not as cheap or wide a selection as 1/72 plastic kits and you will have to glue a lot more stuff together.

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    1/72 is a great scale for WW2 games such as Bolt Action.

    This is a great site for checking out 1/72 minis before buying



    Please advise something for me. I have been doing this not so long ago, so something not very complicated will do. Thank you 🙂



    Hello All

    Thanks for all the advice. I think I will go with Dead Man’s Hand Plastic Cowboys. They look good to paint and I can use them in some of my other games. Might even have a go at writing some of my own skirmish ruls from various games I like. Keep your fingers crossed

    Cheers Dean 🙂

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