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Lost Colony: Spaceship Graveyard TERRAIN PREVIEW

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    Next week, the Lost Colony: Spaceship Graveyard Kickstarter goes live.

    Video Preview at

    Pre-signups at

    Lost colony: spaceship Graveyard is the ultimate starship wreckage system. It’s all about customisation, fallen spacecraft and the fragments they leave behind.

    Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 01Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 04Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 06 (Storm Troopers)Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 05Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 07Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 08 (Necrons)Lost Colony - Spaceship Graveyard 09 (Necrons vs DeathGuard)

    This modular, 3D printable terrain is the second Kickstarter from Saucermen Studios and is even bigger and more diverse than the last. As stretch goals unlock, over 210 models become available to help you build incredibly detailed and tightly packed skirmish tables or larger, sprawling battlefields.

    The huge core set of 80+ interlocking spaceship wreckage parts is delivered as stl files. It features incredibly detailed, double sided hull plates with internal features, computer terminals, piping, machinery, airlocks, windows, rooftops, debris sections as well as attachable ship featuressuch as boosters, engines, landing gears, weaponry and hi-tech gadgetry such as sensor arrays.

    Follow the project at ]

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