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Mass effect minis / Red Dwarf minis

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    Hi all I’m looking at making some new crews for core space


    im trying to find minis for both core space and Red Dwarf but I am coming up with nothing

    can anyone help please


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    I’m afraid I can’t help you but I’m subscribing to this thread. If the Red Dwarf crew are available I want them too!


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    Only Not Red Dwarf ones I knew were the old Nexus models. Sadly these are OOP and I don’t know if they come up on eBay that often.


    As for Mass effect I have one model from that which is not John Shepard. It’s this model which was a small resin kit. It’s also not quite 28mm in scale to any other models I have, it was small and the details were not very well pronounced.. But I seem to remember you could get most of the main characters. It was a Russian company from what I remember.


    Good luck on your search!


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    This was the first project I did getting back into the hobby after 15 years out, so its not ‘great’ tech wise but i think its a good base…I then later on got the set of red dwarf miniatures mentioned above, I made my own…

    Rimmer is from crooked dice (captain scarlett models):

    Time Lift Security with Pistols

    The Kat I used a 1970s Pimp Model and then green stuffed a bit..
    Listy – He was a miniature for a football holigan skirmish game
    (hes the bald one:
    Kryten – is actually a mantic miniature dreadball lucky logan

    All Stars Megaball Veterans MVP Pack

    I filed off the hair, i also was able to buy him cheap on his own

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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