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Gloomspite Gitz army list help

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    Cult of Games Member

    Yep, the gitz got me.

    I kind of like the idea of these tiny gitz following their big leader in their attempt to please him.
    Might have to name them Minions(tm) 😉

    I tried to use the warscroll builder ( ), but it is claiming I’ve only got one battleline.

    However I am not sure if the builder is a bit buggy (always an option) or I’m not quite understanding how this is supposed to work.

    // Allegiance: Destruction
    // Mortal Realm: Ghur (realm of beasts)

    // Leaders :

    • Mollog
    • Dankhold Troggboss
    • Zarbag
    • Webspinner Shaman

    // Battleline (?)

    • 20 x Shootas

    // Units :

    • Spider Riders
    • Spider Riders
    • Spider Riders
    • Zarbag’s Gitz
    • Rockgut Troggoths

    // Behemoths:
    Aleguzzler Gargant

    // Endless Spells

    I was adding leaders in an attempt to get it to recognize battlelines but it doesn’t work ?

    As I said the essence of this list should be a big brute,  with his minions (the gitz) and a few of his pals (’cause I like the trolls) that sort of went along.
    And because such big beasts move quickly (and for added creepyness) I want my minions to travel on spiders.
    I haven’t bought anything yet, so nothing is set in stone.

    It need not be a tournament winning list, but I’d like it to be at least tournament legal.

    Bonus questions :
    How do ‘battallions’ fit into this list ?
    Do they come with the units listed in a batallion or is the listed cost the price of the extra skills ?

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    Cult of Games Member

    Shootas n Stabbas are the only ‘generic’ battleline force. The others all require certain heros to be chosen as general (There’s a selector to declare as general when adding them). And for 2k pts you need 3 battleline. Just be sure to pay attention to the small text after each Unit entry 🙂

    Battalions are paid for in addition to the required units. You just add the battalion cost From the drpdown.

    Hope that’s vaguely helpful! As for what to have in list… I’m no help, I just play with stuff that looks cool or is fun 😂


    Cult of Games Member

    @spamelot : thanks for those answers 😀
    I am picking stuff that looks cool and hoping it makes a valid list once I am done, which is why I am thinking of picking the two unit sets from the Nightvault game (Zarbag Gitz and Molog).

    I did set the ‘general’ selector … didn’t appear to make a difference. So I must be missing something ‘obvious’.
    However I do have the book itself, so I need to check with that.

    LOL … even a Spider grot list won’t recognize the one unit it has as a battleline.

    I will have to accept that either the list is not tournament ready or the website can’t handle this army book (yet).



    Just as a quick advice, try it with allegiance as Gloomspite Hits from the drop down. Should make a difference.

    Try that then report back. 😁


    Cult of Games Member

    That is how I made the initial list

    It does have the battle line and requirement in the drop down list.,but it only ever counts the stabbas and shootas as battle line in the overview

    Setting it to spider grotz is even worse as the only unit doesn’t count a battle line.




    @limburger to my complete shock I am right.


    You can then select spiderfang grots below. It’s accepted spider riders as battleline for me.


    Cult of Games Member

    @woldenspoons : aha … the penny drops.

    I never thougt I would have to select faction itself in the allegiance dropdown list as well.

    I was kind of assuming the defaults were enough as I could pick the units I wanted to use anyway.
    It’s like it assumes you’re picking allies first.

    I’d call it bad design, but maybe it’s also me being a total n00b at AoS list building.

    Any additional comments on the concept are still welcome though 🙂

    I noticed that depending on the general I get 4 or 5 of my units as battlelines.
    Does this have any impact on the game itself ? (ignoring the effect of the general himself)



    AoS isn’t like 40k, there is no benefit in having battleline units holding objectives over other things. Think of it more like a tax.

    It took me ages to work that scribe problem back when I started Stormcast so happy to pass my learning forward.

    The funny thing I have learned about Gits is that whichever version you take it all boils down to a big old unit of grots does all the work.

    As an aside, generally, the shadespire squads are suboptimal compared to their counter parts. I still take the Khorne ones anyway.

    Very interested in Mollog though. Wish I got to play Shadespire at all.


    Cult of Games Member

    I don’t play Shadespire. I just like the look and background of that character.
    He just wants a place to sleep … which is something many of us can relate to *grin*

    The stats for the gitz do favour large mobs. I think there is a temporary boost of +1, but you definitely want lots of dice.

    Then again … a couple of trolls that regenerate or a giant snacking on weak units should provide enough distraction.


    Cult of Games Member

    Well, remember since you are picking up stuff to look cool you can always go the narrative play route.


    Cult of Games Member

    @mage : I know, but it would be nice if I could do both with minimal changes.




    I love the figure and his random gang. If you look for Miniwargaming on YouTube and the Beat Matt videos he plays a few games trying out different flavours of gits.


    Cult of Games Member

    A few links that may be useful to the more tactical/tournament oriented readers :

    Gitz vs Bonespliterz :

    Gitz vs Sigmar :

    @woldenspoons : yep, that’s why I like him too. I doubt we’ll see Molog in tournaments, but that’s that.

    AoS ‘first game’ series :

    (too bad the ‘newbie’ already has experience with AoS/WFB )

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