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Mordheim beasts/monsters question

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    Does anyone else have any suggestions of monsters/creatures to use in Saga Age of Magic for use with human mercenaries that would be plausible for the Mordheim narrative ?

    I come to this as I’ve decided to sit down and put my Freelance Knight from Mordheim to good use for a SAoM force. It already is painted to be a great centerpiece (for me) and just needs more mercenaries and some monsters/beasts to surround him with. My brain just falls short of figuring out what kind of creatures to use when the setting really pressed the notion that the humans were just there without any sort of other races to help other than maybe hiring an elf, an ogre, a dwarf or a halfling. I’m halfway tempted to throw together a kitbash with a giant inspired by a cross of the rancor from Return of the Jedi, a landesknecht in tattered uniform and elements from the grimdark fantasy sequence in the Russian film “Night Watch” that explains the battle between Light and Dark.


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    Hey Mate, hope you are doing well 🙂

    Heh, Night watch. Loved that one and the sequel, Day Watch. Not sure if they ever finished the trilogy though as every time I search on the internet for “Twilight Watch” I am blessed with sparkly vampires…

    Caveat that I don’t know much about SAoM, but for Mordheim monsters…

    Ogres are the obvious ones to go for as they are the ‘big guy/heavy hitters’ for the Empire usually. If you are keen on tying uniforms in then Wargames Atlantic are bringing out a plastic box kit for Ogre Landsknechts some time this year, and I think MOM Miniatures do some as well if you are after something sooner. Or, we’ve all seen your ability with greenstuff, you are more than capable of adding slashed silk to an existing model I’m sure 🙂

    Warhounds might be another easy to explain choice if you were after a pack/swarm type thing. Depending on where your warband is from might also help inform your choice – if they are from Middenheim might have a wolf pack/giant wolf mascot, Kislev you could lean into the bear aesthetic. Altdorf maybe they have a baby gryphon with them because ‘reasons’? (Maybe they captured it when it escaped from the private zoo of a rich noble in Mordheim and they are planning on selling it when they get back home for a tidy profit?) Marinberg could similarly have access to any ‘trainable’ monster from within the human lands (Araby Tilea, Estallia) due to naval trade, so lions, leopards panthers etc?

    Another alternative is to go with whatever has been captured near Mordheim and can be restrained then unleashed in to combat as needed,, so anything that was stumbled across in the ruined city or en route/in the surrounding area. Maybe a brown bear/troll/warpstone mutated dire rabbit/giant spider on a chain. Or even a feral pit fighter/chaos warrior/bezerker?

    If you were going to go for the elf/ogre/dwarf/halfling hireling option then assumedly any of them could have brought a monster with them as their mount/pet/camp guard/mascot? So then great eagles, war lions, drakes, stone or iron golems, yhetees, war goats, really cranky chicken (Knifegoose?).

    Best of luck with the project! Sounds really exciting!


    Thanks for the insight and the compliment. I just unleashed my wallet and bought bits for conversion without much concern for if it really is good for my sanity (what’s that?). I blame the French. No, really, I do. I found a wonderful Landsknecht ogre conversion someone else has done and I am going to …. use it as inspiration. Seriously though I bounced off that and stayed up way too late before bed hashing through images to get ideas. I will definitely be making some good stuff from this, though it won’t include a knifegoose (but I might build one as a mascot). I also snagged a great deal on an AoS griffon which will be fondly referred to as “Drumstick”. Here goes into the maddening love of Mordheim!





    As Evilstu said, lots of ogres, dogs, mutants….


    Also, since the Mordheim Freelance Knight always blatantly looked like Don Quixote, maybe some kind of monstrous animated windmill for him to fight against?


    @balginstondraeg I thought about a windmill much in the same way as Baba Yaga’s hut using the ones from Sleepy Hollow, Frankenweeny, and The Brothers Grimm as visual references but it just doesn’t sit with the rest of my idiom. I agree wholeheartedly about the reference for the figure and considered poor/worldweary mercs for the force with all the oddity that the Mordheim artwork offered.



    I honestly used the rider as a replacement for the awfully cartoonish sculpt of Don Quixote in Hell Dorado (but keeping his Hell Dorado hellish version of Rocinante).


    If you wanted to get really freaky then let Don Quixote’s fevered imagination into the appearance of the windmill. Afterall, he did believe them to be giants magically disguised as windmills by Freston the Enchanter. Perhaps some kind of Ogre Mercenary with bits of windmill stuck on it as a member of the opposing warband.


    You know, thinking about it having a giant wearing bits of a windmill might work. Ogres are too small to fit the idea as I got my hands on some recently but I think that such a large creature as a giant would do nicely. Its just a matter of fleshing out the concept in my head for drafting and then sculpts.

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