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More Online Campaigns please

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    Hi On Table Top

    please can you run more online campaigns ( preferably more than 2 weeks long)

    my friends and I have loved the Durgama Campaign that you ran with Corvus Belli

    please can you discuss with Atomic Mass , Ofspray or one page games and arrange an online campaign with one of them.

    it would be great to run through a storyline campaign as we did for Durgama , and it would be fantastic if we could modify the storyline with the out come of the campaig.


    unfortunatly my friends and I are only able to games once a week , so even though our participation in the Durgama Campaing was minimul , it was great to know that the outcome of our games had an effect on the outcome of the campaign


    thank you and Corvus Belli so much for running it , please do more of them


    ( Revenge for Corrigador)



    Your very welcome.

    I’m discussing options with the team at the moment for what’s next for that platform 🙂

    Stay tuned!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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