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New Kill Team Expansions Announced

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    Games Workshop have announced a new expansion for Kill Team:

    Kill Team: Arena

    This expansion is designed to allow players to turn their games of Kill Team into a tournament ready, competitive Skirmish wargame. GW say inside will be new rules to offer a tightly balanced experience, plus guidelines for running your own events. It will also contain pre-constructed maps and new missions. Also included will be terrain and rules for fighting in ultra close confines such as space hulks. Looks like the set contains a new board too.

    They also announced a new killzone: Sector Fronteris, and 2 new kill team sets. One for Adeptus Mechanicus and one for Genestealer cults, and each has a new commander model.


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    Looking forward to a better look at Arena, but still need to get hold of Commanders.



    I have to admit that I really like Killteam. Haven’t played 40K in some time. It is good to find a system to use the models in that I actually like.



    Kill Team: Arena least does seem interesting. But of course we shall see what it’s like when it’s released and when can actually see rules.


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    When do they plan to release, if ever. the remaining starting “Starter boxes? I mean, Thousands Sons, Death Guard, Harlequins, Grey Knights, etc., with associated terrain sets. Why re-visit 2 factions that they already have?

    The close quarters terrain appeals to me. I couldn’t care less about the tournament style play.


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    @blaeyn my thoughts exactly.

    I’d love to see an Eldar Kill team + commander. Same applies to Harlequins. We’ve got the rules, but unlike the top tier factions there haven’t been any boxed components.
    Even the Tau have yet to have a Kill team specific version.

    In fact I’d argue that Kill team is the perfect system to highlight some of the non standard factions.

    This is the Arena announcement :

    Can anyone identify the models ?

    I think there’s a Dark Eldar kill team in there (or at least one that looks like Eldar) and a few that probably from the Black Fortress game.

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    Why re-visit 2 factions that they already have?

    GW aren’t reprinting the Kill Team Starter set any more.

    I think those two faction sets got new Commander figures in them to entice the players that purchased the Starter to pick up the faction sets as well.  I don’t think it is the start of a new trend.

    Speculation is that there will be a new starter set, possibly with new Chaos models.

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