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October 30 minute a day hobby challenge

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    ED746612-FDEE-4F07-A753-8F12BFAF0FC7OCTOBER 30 minute a day Hobby Challenge!
    Sorry I’m running a little on this but. . .
    It’s October and that means it’s the 30 minute a day hobby challenge.
    This is where you do a minimum of 30 minutes a day of hobby work . This can be painting, sculpting , and building terrain.
    I stared this a few years ago to help people show that with just 30 minutes a day you can get a lot done by doing this for one month. You just might surprise yourself on how much you can get done. Come on board and join in on the 30 minute a day challenge.
    Today I’ll be painting up some Aztecs what will you be working on post what you will be working on below.


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    That’s a almost as interesting concept as the paintathon 😉


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    I’m in. In fact, it was only last night, I was thinking of trying something similar myself. But now it’s an official “thing” then sure, why not?

    During lockdown, I would often give myself just one hour at the end of the day to do some hobby. Whether it was painting, basing, terrain…. whatever. And after an hour, off to bed. No ifs, no buts. No telly. No watching Youtube and telling myself it was “learning” or “preparation”.

    The one-hour deadline was really got at getting me to focus, and not spend too long trying to make just one area of one particular mini exactly perfect. It forced me to leave things half-done, not clean up every single mistake and so on. But, very often, by the next night, I couldn’t remember (nor often see all that immediately) where the mistakes were.

    I’ve got a load of Blood Bowl minis (and, tbh, about a hundred other) I’ve printed and on a few I’ve tried the old-but-new-but-is-it-old-or-new “slapchop” method. I don’t like it. But I want to persevere because the results some people get in such a short time look great (I’m a terribly slow painter).

    So I’m in.

    Half an hour a day.

    Every day. For a month.

    Let’s see what we can get done…. (photos of my first batch of slap-chop BB elves on to follow).


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    Excellent idea. I need something like this to get me going. I think I’ll challenge myself to paint up some of the models from Solomon Kane. I love the game, and having painted miniatures is a plus.  (Not sure how I’ll manage everyday as I will have to travel between 5-12th, but I’ll make up the time when I get back.)


    I’ll post initial pictures tomorrow


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    first stage dry brush with grey, the follow with white


    Slap-chop is supposed to be a fast method? I need to re-learn how to drybrush. Just getting these four little buggers done took me about 45 minutes!


    I worked on flesh tones today . I’m glad to see a few people seem to be interested in the challenge.



    That’s how I paint. After 30-minutes, I need the paint to dry and my frustration levels at painting to cool down.

    Then my self-nagging and short-term memory kick in to do more painting. 😛


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    IMG_3820IMG_3823I have primed the models from the first Solomon Kane scenario and for the first time will try this Zenith (Spelling?) highlighting prime technique.  Not sure how this will go. I will admit to being (at best) an average painter, so this will be an intriguing experiment. My usual method for priming is to use a baton and double sided tape to secure the miniatures.

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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 4 weeks ago by  applemak.

    I have done this challenge in the past on Facebook .I think I might have started this 4 or 5 years ago and some peoples results have been amazing.  I had one person just painting the minimum of 30 minutes a day painted over  80 miniatures to a very good standard by the way . Other people would get there hobby Time in just before bed. Others told me that they would continue doing this not as a challenge but as a part of there daily routine.


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    45 minutes tonight. Mostly colouring in. Which is quite fun. But Citadel contrast paints can be so hit and miss – the flesh and snakebite leather colours are a joy to use. This turquoise (whatever it is) is so thin and wishy-washy, it took about three layers to get anything like a decent colour on there. But it’s getting there.

    Of course, get your eyes painted early! Still to do some layering for the face highlights, to really make them pop, but it feels like things are progressing nicely. The gold trim (with black outlining) looks pretty nice too.

    I quite like this 30-minute challenge. Normally I’d worry about colours and what goes together – this way, you have to make a decision and commit to it! (I’m going for turquoise with gold and silver breastplates and white shorts). Looking forward to adding some highlights tomorrow and see where they end up after the next session….





    I started them yesterday, but didn’t have posting privileges yet. It’s cabal of Burrows and Badgers minis to be used for Reign in Hell games. I’m a very slow painter and this is probably 2.5-3 hours between the last two days.


    Thank you all for posting your work everyone. F423A4CE-908A-4DE2-9C28-87264789B0CC

    keep it coming!


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    Great idea, I’ve been trying to motivate myself to get back to the painting table and this sort of thing is great. I have some titans that have been sitting primed for a while that could do with some paint!


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    Another day, another 40 minutes concentrated painting time. Only managed to get some highlights on the faces and bit of wash across some of the armour, but they’re starting to take shape now….



    E4CF92A3-1EE8-421B-9D4E-E9C9CBE9DEDFF009D8CD-7E3F-472D-8EB1-0BDCC2E3A7BCFinished painting up the novice Aztec warriors and did some basing using woodland scenics fine turf green blend mixed with sifted dirt and mixed in some tea to add texture.
    i will add jungle bits and dull coat later no on to the next and final four.

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