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    It is great saddness that I learned that one of my greatest and first friends in the gaming industry passed away unexpectedly Sunday January 19. Walt Langens was the owner and one man band at Impudent Mortal Terrain. A small terrain company based in Georgia USA. A wonderful and kind man to a fault he took us (Dawn and I ) on a journey into the background of the gaming industry and exposed us to the business and opened our eyes to the inner workings of a small business trying to make an impact in the gaming world. We were honored to call him a friend and collaborator on projects. He was always there with a smile and a willingness to help with any project. Please keep him and his ever loving wife and partner Michelle in your thoughts and prayers. Til Valhalla my friend, journey well.



    Thats very sad to hear. Thanks for posting this. Sounds like a very nice person.



    Walt was just the nicest guy. Whether we were talking about gaming or just nonsense, it was always fun and we laughed a lot. A LOT. I proof-read his Kickstarters for him because his spelling was atrocious and we’d laugh till we cried about the crazy new words he’d create when he typed in a hurry.

    Walt loved Star Wars and 80’s & 90’s music (he used to be a DJ), so we’d share memes back and forth and try to stump each other with obscure song lyrics… this is where I will miss him the most- in the day to day banter.

    Please keep his lovely wife, Michelle, in your thoughts. If Walt’s absence feels like this to me, I simply can’t imagine what it feels like to her.

    You will be greatly missed, Walt.



    Genuinely sorry to hear this. I’m lucky enough to have a set of his amazing Warehouse District terrain. Great Kickstarter that delivered early. I never realised it was all a one man show.



    This is sad.  I got to chat with him a bit during his KS campaign for mini terrain that I was using for All Quiet on the Martian Front.  He was incredibly nice, friendly, and helpful.




    Rest in Peace Walt.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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