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Problems with Wraithbone primer?

Home Forums Painting in Tabletop Gaming Problems with Wraithbone primer?

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    I just finished painting some genestealers with Contrast Paints. Of course I used the “official” Contrast Wraithbone primer (yeah, I know, blue-grey rather than off-white-yellow would have been a better choice but I only bought one can and my other models are more “warm” coloured). I also painted up a few Space Marine Terminators.

    I never had a problem with the paints or the primers. So I bought some Blood Bowl Orcs and thought I’d slap some more Contrast paint around and get them all done in a couple of days. Then this happened….


    On a lot of the larger, flatter areas, I got this nasty bubbling. I was pretty sure I’d washed the mold release off with soapy water and  a toothbrush, so am baffled as to what might have caused it.

    Not every model is affected, but about four or five from a box of twelve show this effect, to differing degrees.



    Anyone any ideas?



    I’ve had it happen when I haven’t put the can in hot water before hand, but crucially it has been hot with high humidity. It does mean you have the texture to make areas look rusty or covered in mud.


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    I’ve primed about 20 or so minis with Wraithbone, some were raw plastic that hadn’t been washed at all, and some were over a previous layer of primer. I haven’t had any problems yet with it. But those were all on days with moderate temp and humidity.

    I haven’t tried priming anything in high temp or humidity yet.

    The Contrast primers have a satin finish. Internet searches on how satin finish paint behaves may help explain what happened.

    *Edit* Looking at the picture again, that patterning reminds me of trouble I’ve had with matte sealers before. The cause then was definitely humidity.

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    1st Sov.S1S5



    I was originally horrified by our shared situation, but I managed to salvage the models by painting them in a gritty manner, as if they have been through hell and mess of Stalingrad. The unit is now one of my favourites, and it stands out on the table.

    Good luck, and be encouraged that all can not just be turned around, but hopefuly it will be an happy accident and a great end result!


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    It may well have been humidity – I sprayed them this morning, outside, when it was warm, following a thunderstorm and some torrential rain overnight (I only had an hour before I had to go out, so thought I’d squeeze some painting in before family commitments!)


    Hi Blinky,

    I take it your in the South East of England for the storms?


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    @intelligentmistertoad – you nailed it. Brighton (well, just outside, but a fifteen minute bike ride still makes it Brighton, right?)

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