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PSC Battlegroup Bagration Pre-order is live

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    New Battlegroup Bagration!

    We are delighted to announce that the newest Battlegroup campaign supplement is ready for the printers.

    However, we are going to be doing things differently for Bagration and going forward………..

    The cost of paper and shipping is spiralling ever higher and we want to make sure that all books are available all the time and to all Battlegroup fans around the world at reasonable local shipping rates. To that end we have been working on setting up a hybrid traditional/Print on Demand system. The issue is that the Print on Demand print quality is slightly poorer than our traditional Battlegroup print quality.

    Piers has been running straw polls in various Facebook groups and online forums to garner opinions on print quality versus much cheaper shipping and constant availabilty. Public opinion appears to be neatly split down the middle!

    So, to keep both sides happy, for Bagration and future new titles, when the title is ready for printing we will run a pre-order for the traditonal “deluxe” printed version which will be printed in the UK and shipped from the UK. This will run for a week and then will close, giving anyone who wants a “deluxe” copy the chance to grab one. We will then do a one off print run limited to the number of pre-orders. Then the title will only be available Print on Demand for a lower price than the deluxe version and also at a lower shipping cost as they will be printed and shipped in local markets.

    Bagration deluxe limited print run will cost £25 plus shipping from the UK. The window for ordering the deluxe version will be from 8-15 December 2023. Delivery will be early January 2024

    Battlegroup Bagration deluxe edition

    The Print on Demand version will be £20 plus shipping at local cost and will be available early January 2024

    Another important point to note is that Bagration, new titles and old titles going to Print on Demand will only be available direct from Plastic Soldier Company

    A 173 page Battlegroup campaign supplement primarily covering the Soviet summer offensive in 1944 that all but destroyed Army Group Centre. Can also be used for the 1943/44 Winter fighting and other actions in ’44 from the Finns around Leningrad to the southern Ukraine.

    A number of new army lists including German Security Division, Finnish Infantry Division, Soviet Mechanised Cavalry and Soviet Partisans. Also includes new scenarios and a Borisov bridgehead campaign.


    Screenshot_20231207_143706_Acrobat for Samsung



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    Nice, pre-ordered my copy! This is the game I need to get more on the table in 2024.


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    please review that users teresiamills  posting history!



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    And there was me think we had another announcement. Still really looking forward to this when it arrives @piers!

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