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Pulp City being sold

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    Just found out this morning that the wonderful superhero-focused game Pulp City may be sold in the near future:

    By the sound of things the French company MedFan Games may be the one looking to take over the game. They were discussing the potential of a Kickstarter for a French print run of the game and a release of various old and unreleased models. (Source:


    Not quite sure how to feel about this one myself. Big fan of the game and setting, it’s really something special and very enjoyable / thematic to play around with. At the same time I can completely understand creator Maciej simply not having the time to be able to push the game forward. So perhaps it is indeed for the better, both for the game and the good man himself, that it moves on to someone else with the time and talent to continue developing it.

    At the same this there is the risk, not unlike other games / rules sets that were quite unique like Relics and Homeraiders which were bought by TTCombat, that they’ll simply fade into obscurity. To the point that these two examples are even getting new casting, despite people seemingly still wanting to buy them.

    That said if MedFan would be able to actually get the game into more players hands, say by running more demos at conventions etc. I am certain it would stick with a lot of people. You don’t need a lot to play the game, modern terrain is compatible with numerous other games (like say the Batman stuff) and the rules are superb. The MedFan crew seem quite interested in taking fan ideas on board though, so there’s definitely hope there.

    Time will tell I guess, sure hope the game manages to stick around. It’s a world over a decade in the making and it really shows in all the right ways. Plus who doesn’t love superheroes and villains duking it out!




    I was a bit shocked by teh news too, but honestly, its been clear that Maciej hasn’t had the time or resources to invest as much into PC othat it deserves over the last couple of years, so anything that keeps the game alive can only be a good thing.


    On the subject of Relics and Home Raiders, I’m not sure whats happening long-term.  I know that TTCombat did say that they had plans for Relics, but it wouldn’t be soon (they had Carnevalé and Dropzone/fleet Commander to get through first).  Home Raiders, on the other hand, may not be on the cards (it might have just come as part of the Carnevalé deal from Vesper-On).  The reason I haven’t lost hope for Relics though is that a) it wouldn’t make sense to have bought a single property from a company just to let it die, and b) they released a new resin event-only Britanan Sergeant-Major last year.  Which seems to me to be the reason behind the lack of stock.  TTCombat don’t tend to produce metal minis, they only seem to produce resin.  As most of the Relics models were metal, I can easily see there being a future Kickstarter to fund a fully resin range.  Hopefully, anyway!



    Well this is unexpected turn of events. Maybe they will be able to sell it to MedFan that might be able to turn this game success but at this point who knows what will happen so we shall see. Of course Pulp City getting 2nd chance would be better than it just fading away.



    Great game and I hope it has a good future.



    That’s too bad. I’ve probably played more Pulp City in the last 3 years than any other skirmish game. Though I have to admit, I have collected a decent force for 3 factions, but haven’t really been thinking of adding much more. If another company can breathe some new life into it, that would be great, but I don’t know if I would tag along if the system changed up much. I’d just keep puttering along as is and sporadically posting to my project … 🙂



    Great game, great minis… but this is very preliminary. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. MedFan Games aren’t the more high-profile company out there… but hey, I wish them well. They’ve got their own game as well as Mauser Earth, too, if I remember correctly.



    Hello everyone, I’m glad to see that the news is arrived here 🙂

    This is not a rumor, I’m the editor MedFan Games and I’m planning to buy the licence to reprint the game and develop it.

    We won’t change the rules but add new way to play like big creatures, solo/coop mods.

    For the futur of the game, we will add news miniatures and sculpt all concepts without minis, maybe resculpt old models.

    Hope you’ll enjoy the news and support us 🙂



    Lovely game with great minis, definitely happy to hear it will continue to be developed. Same goes f0r pouring some more hobby pennies into it. 😉

    Coop you say now, hadn’t thought about playing Pulp City like that. Quite a lot of potential there, also as an extra tool to create all sorts of cool scenarios. I can just imagine a team of vigilant supremes showing up to foil a bank robbery, only to be interrupted by a team of villain supremes!



    Thank you for your message. I’m glad to read it.

    I really want to develop the game 🙂

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