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    Hi Guys

    I have been hearing good stuff about using PET-G in 3D prints.

    Anyone got any brand recommendations for a good product reasonably priced?

    Anyone using PET-G and got any experience they would like to share?

    Thanks all!



    Cult of Games Member

    I just bought a roll of PETG to print off some new fan housings for my printers. I hated the stuff lol.

    A few key points I found:
    It’s supposed to be stronger than PLA+ but for small parts I doubt you’d notice.
    Due to it printing about 40 degrees hotter than PLA it’s really hard to get rid of stringing on bridging.
    I found small pieces on the prints very brittle and got lots of breakages.
    Warps quite easily when printing so you can get failures pretty easy when the print head knocks the curled print off the bed.

    I ended up reprinting all the parts in my usual eSun PLA+ (SUNLU PLA+ is pretty much the same stuff and I used to get that from amazon UK)

    Whats making you look at PETG over PLA+ though?


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    Cult of Games Member

    I’ve been wanting to try PET-G.  So I’ll keep an eye on this thread.


    I myself use a lot of SunLu PLA+.  I’ve never had any problems with it.  SunLu is my current choice when ordering any filament.



    Primarily looking at PET-G because I was reading it was superior… but perhaps that’s not the case!


    Cult of Games Member

    Well, PET-G is said to have all the positives of ABS but not the toxic fumes.


    The PET-G should hold up well in direct sun light.  PLA+ , although better than PLA, is still not the proper stuff for outdoor use in the Sun.


    Cult of Games Member

    Hi guys

    I got my 3d printer in August, and I have tried PLA PET-G and ABS ( huge mistake my printer is not able to get warm enough for ABS ) , I have printed houses and other terrain for different games, and the best results I get with the cheapest PLA, and I don’t think that PET-G is worth the extra money.

    I am no 3D expert, so Im learning by doing, my printer is a ender 3 Pro with some upgrades mainly for noise reduction.



    I have been using Amazon basics petg to print my mpcnc ( mostly printed CNC) once I got the temps tuned I have been getting good results. Unfortunately again had discontinued their filament line so I’m going to need to find a new brand once I’m out of what I have left.

    I still just use play for anything mini or game related and use the petg on things that need to be a bit more durable. Petg has as little more flex then play so isn’t as brittle so can be more suitable for practical/mechanic prints.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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