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    Looking to upgrade my standard filament Prusa printer and get a resin printer.  Are there any that have a reasonably equivalent print area and a price sub $1000? (hopefully)



    Following. I just got my little UP! mini working this weekend for terrain, but quite fancy looking into resin printing…



    I wish someone could find such a holy grail for us.


    In my research I’ve found that in this price range one may achieve ca. 1/8 of build volume of average FDM printer.


    Personally, I’ve never used any resin printer myself, however, I’m really interested in the technology.

    Prusa is in the process of gathering pre-orders for their own SLA printer, but niether the price nor build volume meet your border conditions. I own Prusa FDM printer and will recomend it wholehartedly, but their SLA model hasn’t been tested yet, so remains a bot of mistery.

    From what I read/watch in many 3d printing blogs/vlogs etc. the Moai printers have good press, they are about to release a model with 200/200/225 mm print volume, but considering their current, much smaller printer costs ca. 1 400 USD (before taxes)…

    …well, I guess we need to wait another year or two for the Chinese to produce CR 10 of SLA printing, and even then costs of raw materials will be significantly higher than any PLA.





    To put it simply for now, currently not possible.

    The problem is that SLA printers are more expensive for a given build volume and the cheap technology (which is LCD-SLA) is still developing and waiting for 4k LCD’s to start the magic happening.

    So your best bet for a cheap SLA printer with that print volume is to wait for a cheap LCD-SLA printer with that volume. The problem with that is, that until we get cheap 4k LCD screens you basically pay with x-y resolution for your extended printing volume (which is why almost no one is making these machines as the dip in resolution is to big). An example is the Phrozen Shuffle XL which is the closest to your requirement but has a x-y resolution of 85 micron (compared to its smaller brother which has 47 micron resolution), which is something FDM printers can achive (With work put into understanding the machine to optimize it) for cheaper.


    As a side note:

    All resin printers are SLA printers, All of them! For whatever reason some people equate Laser-SLA with SLA which is factually wrong. so writing something like “DLP vs SLA” is like writing “Sedan vs CAR” one is the overarching term the other a implementation of that. The reason this is done is because to first SLA printers for consumers used Lasers (Although the first SLA printers used Lamps, before lasers became a common thing).

    Saying this, there are currently 3 general implementations of SLA printer types – Laser-SLA which uses lasers (like mentioned, sometimes wrongly equated with SLA), DLP-SLA which uses a projector and LCD-SLA which uses LCD’s to project the layer onto the resin.



    This is all great information, thank you all!



    We use the anycubic photon in here.

    The build volume is a bit small though.

    The print is brilliant however the software generating scaffolding is not good enough yet so there is a lot of trial and error so far.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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