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    The only experience I have of Role-play gaming was to dabble in the world of “eFeds”.

    If you’re not familiar, someone sets up a site with a mock WWE federation outlook. You usually e-mail the owner (The Prez) with your character overview e.g. name, entrance to the ring music, favorite moves and finishers, Heel or Face (bad guy or good guy outlook). People choose from their favorite wrestling stars (living and past) and use their catchphrases and persona, or the more original ones create their character from scratch.

    You visit the role-play board / forum and lay out your challenges and feed off of the other role players and try to influence the results shows, that are typed up by the owner of the web page. (once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks, usually culminating in a PPV style larger event). You often set out your stall as a lone wolf or try to join a stable (wrestling group that “support” each other, often illegally). Pictures are optional in the posts, but lots of people use actual wrestlers photos (even for the made up characters), or the inventive use photo shop to adapt real photos to fit their own character.

    There are usually a collection of titles available to compete for (World heavyweight, tag team champs, US title etc.). The titles usually go to those that consistently post (weekly usually a minimum), those with good quality of the posts (sticking to a character and posts being more than a couple of sentences long) and often the page owners whim, according to any overarching story lines that they try to introduce into the show results and the events.

    I have just started role playing again, because the site that I used to post in (back the late 90’s early naughties) has made a come back on a small scale.

    Has anyone else dipped into the efed world? Is it frowned upon by D&D players or other ‘proper’ role-players? Is it completely off of most people’s radar?

    Please let me know your thoughts.



    Though the world of wrestling never really appealed to me, it doesn’t sound miles away from lots of fantasy forum thread based RPG’s. People writing little snippets of story with someone acting as a moderator in the storytelling. On the spectrum of mechanical to narrative, it sounds very much at the narrative end. Nothing wrong with that.



    The closest to the world of wrestling that I’ve seen was a long while back when All Flesh Must Be Eaten did an expansion book that covered the outrageous drama of the “sport”. I’m not sure that RumbleSlam would take on the RP elements that you’re poking at but you might want to turn your game dev angle a little and perhaps look at how GW turned their Warhammer Fantasy into a playable RPG system outside the wargame.

    This RP site looks like an interesting pass-time but not my cup of tea. I remember the heyday of the WWF and the colorful characters but the game seems limited to the arena/ring as opposed to whole worlds for other RPGs.



    Thanks for the comment.

    It does feel like the eFed world doesn’t translate to the RPG gamers world. The stats, the dice rolling and the real gaming elements are kind of missing from eFeds. eFeds do have the story telling, the play acting, an element of playing with archetypes and the competitive and collaborative aspects, but with the results being so heavily in the hands of the federation’s Prez it can feel that no matter what you do, you lose. A good Prez knows that he needs to entertain and keep the most active members involved (and preferably holding your belts regularly) but it can end up being a popularity contest; pampering to those that moan the most and threaten to leave behind the scenes, rather than those that are actually roleplaying the best. The Prez and the GM do share the same pressure of having a lot of prep to do. A Federation Prez has to do a lot of typing to try to play out whole wrestling matches and the arguments and interviews between bouts. GMs and Prezs also have to deal with members going AWOL, that you had been really relying on for your story, and also roleplayers dragging your events off in wild directions you hadn’t expected to go in. Online you have the extra fun of having to deal with a wild variety of age groups and expectations to deal with. Roleplay groups can have this variety, but generally have a shared expectation set out by the type of roleplay world and rules you have chosen. In an eFed you might be trying to cater to teenage boys exposed to wrestling of today and middle aged men reliving the razzmatazz of 80’s wrestling and the WWF Attitude / ECW extreme 90’s era – all on one site.

    I do have access to a war gaming group that do like D&D and I might give that a try next time around.



    I’ve never been interested in any of the wrestling shows and this doesn’t sound like my cup of tea either.   That said, I think it does sound like a fun and creative way to roleplay to a particular them, and sounds like it does it well.

    I’m not particularly a fan of DnD either but while I can imagine this being a game that some might look down on, I think these days there are so many different roleplaying options, ranging from light / comedic to serious and long and drawn out.   I think this game sounds good – so go for it!



    I used to run a eFed about 12 years back on ‘MSN Groups’ we did have a ruleset for creating wrestlers and deciding matches.

    If I can find the files I’ll post them up on a forum topic for yourself @dugthefug1644 and others to try out.



    While I’m still looking for the rules for the eFed. I came across the ‘Free 4 All’ Special Event Highlights which took place on the 30th January 2005.

    Any wrestler (male or female) who did not hold a title belt was eligible to be entered into the draw for the ‘fighter title’ the winner of the event could choose to fight for any title they wanted in the next Special Event.

    A couple to things to mention, when writing the ‘Show Highlights’

    The text was shown as initials for the character speaking, or with the double asterisk ** at the start and end to denote actions taking place.

    The actual game mechanics (to decide the winner) were worked out before writing of the match. Then the results were written up as follows.

    This was only one of several matches to take place that night.

    I hope you enjoy…


    10 Man Fighter Elimination Pre Match

    **AWF CEO Nathan Gibson is in the ring with Miss ELL and Joseph Miller**
    NG: “We will now make the draw for the ten competitors in our ten man elimination match. Miss ELL will draw the names and they will be read by Joseph ‘The crush’ Miller.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the first name**
    JM: “And the first competitor is…John Lamont.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the second name**
    JM: “The next competitor is…Dee Lite.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the third name**
    JM: “And the next competitor…Carmen Oscuro.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the forth name**
    JM: “And the forth competitor is…Vladimir Gogol.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the fifth name**
    JM: “Number five is…Nostrafia.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the sixth name**
    JM: “And number six is…Frank Knox.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the Seventh name**
    JM: “And the seventh competitor…Leon.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the Eighth name**
    JM: “And the Eighth competitor is…The Red Max.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the Ninth name**
    JM: “And number nine…Patricia.”
    **Miss ELL Draws the Tenth name**
    JM: “The tenth and final name…Crusher.”
    LD: “Wow, oh wow! Some real competition there!”
    RL: “There sure is Lauren. Well fans this main event is but a few moments away as the competitors make there way to the ring Joseph has rejoined us.”
    HS: “This will be a classic. Remember you can eliminate an opponent by pinfall, submission, or by throwing them over the top rope!”
    JM: “I think this will be the greatest match that we have seen in the AWF!”
    LD: “It could well be. All of the wrestlers are now in the ring and here come all six referees to oversee this mayhem!”
    RL: “It’s over to the AWF CEO.”
    NG: “Ladies and Gentlemen. The AWF ‘Free 4 All’ Main event: the 10 man Elimination match to crown the Fighter champion for 2005 is here!
    **The crowd cheer and clap chanting ‘AWF’**
    NG: “Let’s get this free for all going, ring the bell!”


    Free 4 All Fighter Elimination Match

    **The bell rings and the crowd erupt**
    LD: “It’s electric here! Just listen to the noise!”
    RL: “I have never experienced anything like this.”
    HS: “OK guys, who’s going to win this match?”
    JM: “Everyone is being cautious any moment now it will all kick off!”
    LD: “And here we go!”
    HS: “John Lamont tries to knock Leon over the top rope and he just about hangs on!”
    RL: “Vladimir Gogol and Crusher lock up, what a site that is!”
    LD: “The pace is frantic here! Patricia bulldogs Dee Lite and Red Max has just suplexed Frank Knox!”
    JM: “Nostrafia hits a drop kick on Carmen!”
    RL: “Red Max has Leon in the ‘Iron Crossface’! Carmen breaks the hold and is clotheslined by John Lamont for her troubles!”
    **John Lamont whips Red Max who reverses the move**
    **Vladimir Gogol clotheslines John Lamont over the top rope**
    HS: “And John Lamont has been eliminated!”
    **Frank Knox calls for his ‘Knox out’ finisher as he moves backwards Crusher throws him over the top rope**
    JM: “Good grief mo leaf! The raw power of Crusher! He just powered Frank Knox out of this match!”
    RL: “And we’re down to eight!”
    HS: “Red Max and Leon tie up again and Dee Lite has just Drop kicked Nostrafia!”
    **Vladimir Gogol goes for the pin but Carmen breaks the count**
    JM: “Now why do that? Isn’t this an elimination match?”
    LD: “I’m sure that she has her reasons to do that.”
    RL: “Well no good deed ever went unpunished and Carmen has been caught in an STF by Patricia!”
    HS: “Vladimir has Nostrafia by the throat and he’s taking her to the ropes!”
    **Nostrafis blows black mist into Vladimir’s face**
    RL: “And Carmen has tapped out! We are down to seven!”
    **Dee Lite is grabbed by Red Max and Nostrafia who knock her over the top rope**
    LD: “Make that six Richard! Dee Lite has also gone!
    HS: “A stunning match we’re witnessing here!”
    JM: “Gogol is still suffering the effects of that mist and Leon sends him over the top rope! A major upset there!”
    RL: “Who is next?”
    LD: “Now this I don’t believe! Red Max and Leon are double teaming Crusher and Patricia and Nostrafia lock up!”
    HS: “Crusher is close to going over the top rope!”
    **The crowd cheer loudly**
    RL: “And there he goes! I do not believe it!”
    LD: “Leon claps Red Max! He’s inviting Red Max to lock up and he accepts!”
    HS: “Nostrafia catches Patricia in a sleeper and Red Max is trying to power Leon over the top rope!”
    LD: “Patricia is almost out… and Nostrafia makes the cover. 1…2…3 and we are down to three!”
    JM: “Make that two Dale! Leon has just gone to the floor!”
    RL: “Nostrafia and Red Max are the last two left. Who is going to win this thing?”
    LD: “I wouldn’t want to say. Neither competitor is too keen to make a move.”
    JM: “Come on and get it on. What’s Red Max waiting for he can easily out muscle Nostrafia.”
    **Red Max approaches Nostrafia who wags her finger at him**
    HS: “Red Max had better be careful. And Nostrafia blows black mist into Max’s face!”
    LD: “He can’t see and Nostrafia is setting him for that nail in the coffin DDT! She connects and there’s the cover! 1…2 and he just manages to get a shoulder up.”
    **Nostrafia climbs to the top rope and sommersaults off**
    **Red Max rolls out of the way and she hits the mat**
    JM: “Red Max has to cover her now and he’ll win!”
    RL: “He turns her over and gets a two count. Wow what a match. Red Max is still trying to clear his eyes of that black mist.”
    **Nostrafia pulls herself up and runs at Red Max who is holding onto the ropes**
    **He falls out of the way and Nostrafia flies over the top rope and lands on the floor**
    JM: “Good grief Mo-leaf! The Red Max has just won the ‘Free 4 All’ Fighter match!”
    RL: “He is down on the mat. I don’t think he’s realised what’s happened yet!”
    **Harcourt comes running to the ring**
    **He pats Red Max on the back and excitedly tells him that he’s won**
    LD: “Look at Red Max smile he’s just beaten nine other wrestlers!”
    HS: “We’re right out of time gang. From everyone at the AWF thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you next week, goodnight!



    Back in the early 2000’s, I ran a wrestling PBeM called the LWF. I think I still have the files. The way we ran it was the players would write the promo’s and backstage incidents. I had a story group that would get together to help outline storylines and also write up matches and we would discuss on match winners and every other month would run a PPV for the LWF. If I can find the files I’ll see if I can publish them somewhere, however, the whole site was built around a PHP database site.



    Thanks for sharing.

    The easy use Geocities website creator was the tool that made the EIWF possible back in the 90’s and naughties. The relaunched EIWF has been using a company called by WIX. but I haven’t seen any of the creation side of the new site.



    I wrote this piece about a week ago. As it involved another character from the federation I got their permission to post it on the feds roleplay board.

    They offered some better dialogue for their character and introduced the cardboard cut out of their old tag team partner Rage.

    My character Regal is an arrogant heel character. L Double E has found an old world title belt and is claiming to be the champ. L double E is getting a mixed reaction with fans, but would generally be a heel too.

    Both were often mid card wrestlers even though they have had titles in their past.


    Scenes opens to show EIWF head Quarters, Regal is strolling across the lobby, he heads to the lift and pushes the call button, he notices it is coming up from the basement, it stops and the doors open.
    L double E, the Anti-Hero is already inside, stood next to a cardboard cut out of Rage, Regal enters, looking mildly confused and tuts to himself, he pushes for the level he wants, and the doors close.

    They don’t seem to have anything to say to each other and stand awkwardly in opposite corners of the lift. As they descend the lift judders to a halt. Regal tuts and presses the emergency call button and an electronic sounding recording plays in the lift cab.)

    LIFT: “Thank you for calling Lake’s Lifts Response. We are aware that (pause) Lift One (pause) is experiencing a temporary fault. A remote reboot is under way and (pause) Lift One (pause) will be operational again shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience.”

    (After some uncomfortable glances from Regal, Regal eventually breaks the silence.)

    Regal: “Seeing as we’re stuck, can I speak with you briefly?

    LEE: Well you do know there’s only the three of us in the elevator and I know it wasnt me so it must have been you or Rage…..and it stinks!!!

    Regal: I mean about business naturally.”

    LEE: “It’s a free country, thanks to kicking you tyrannical Brits out all those years ago.”

    Regal: “That’s by the by; 1776 was a long time ago. I’m sure an anti-hero like yourself is chuffed to having an idiot like Trump in charge.”

    LEE: “No comment. Politics isn’t my thing, but still kinds of reminds me of the Prez here at the EIWF!

    (Awkward silence for a few seconds)

    Regal: “I saw your latest promo. Nice work sir.”

    LEE: “Not sure I care, but is that English sarcasm or did you actually like it, as ​I dont want any ass kissing, This aint another Jimmy/Suicide thing going on.

    Regal: “How dare you, I do not Ass kiss, that is not what the stiff upper lip is for,  I actually thought it was great. I appreciate that you’re a lone wolf like me and say it how you see it. It’s refreshing; with all the lies and double talk from the rest of the roster.”

    LEE: “Can’t disagree. except your not really a lone wolf, your British….so more a lone corgi?

    (Awkward silence for a few seconds)

    Regal: “You seem to have hatred for the numb heads in the New Era Icons and that’s a sentiment I can get behind.”

    LEE: “Well I saw your latest promo too. It wasn’t great, but I did like your protest the other week. Making Ellis Black stand in the ring like a dick swinging in the wind. He didn’t know what to do about it. If he was any kind of champion he would have…”

    Regal and LEE (in unison): “… run down the aisle and started the fight on the ramp.”

    (They both chuckle awkwardly, surprised that they said the exact same thing).

    Regal: You know… Lone wolves usually struggle in the wild. Wolves almost always fight as a pack.

    LEE: Are you suggesting we should become a Tag Team or something? ​You do realize who’s here?
    ( L double E covers the ears of the Rage cardboard cut out )
    LEE: Because you would be the right candidate to be the mark two version of the zero in the Hero and Zero connection, as​ Rage’s heart aint in it anymore.

    Regal: Easy Tiger, slow down, you should take me out to dinner first.

    LEE​: thats fine, as long as we go dutch, and we dont follow Eddie D into any restaraunt, as half the menus gone.

    REGAL: Touché!!

    LEE: Anyway I am already a champion Regal. EIWF World Champion. I don’t need a Tag title run. No offence but I dont think you could replace Rage….
    ( L double E hugs the cardboard cut out ) Thanks but no thanks.

    Regal: I wasn’t suggesting that we Tag up. Was just saying that we both hate NEI. Now Crew Havoc is over I just thought…

    (The lift jumps back into life and starts to descend again)

    LEE: You just thought you’d get a helping hand from the World Champ? Your looking for some of the Anti-Hero magic to help you up the champiosnhip ladder…… I’m an anti-hero, not a super hero….I cant work miracles, I don’t need another sidekick right now, I got this guy to look after.
    ( L double E pats the cardboard cut out of Rage on the head )

    Regal: I am no one’s side kick sonny Jim. I just thought as you’re not being taken seriously as world champ and I’m hardly taken seriously at all, you’d appreciate the support.

    LEE: “Not being taken seriously as World Champ? Where did you …”

    (The lift door stops and the doors open up with a ping)

    Regal: “I can tell this was a mistake. Good day to you sir. I say good day!”

    (Regal storms out of the lift.)

    LEE: “Have a nice day. You uptight Brit Bastard”, come on rage!

    Regal: No wonder you’re best friend’s a card board cut out; you’re infuriating!

    (L double E tucks rage under his arm but pauses and strokes his chin as though mulling an idea over, shakes his head and walks off out of the lift. The display on the lift pings and reads “Out of Order”. The scene ends.)


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