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So you all know there's a new Terminator coming out right. Like, a good one*.

Home Forums News, Rumours & General Discussion So you all know there's a new Terminator coming out right. Like, a good one*.

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    By James Cameron. Ignoring everything apart from the first and second Terminators. .

    And obviously you all know about the Joker. .


    *Any quality based statement is subject to review and non-binding.



    Weirdly I saw this on Thursday when I got home from filming. It’s one of those coincidences were the universe throws up something that you’ve just talked about.

    I think it looks excellent



    Very prescient. Great minds and all that.



    Sadly the trailer doesn’t lend itself to being a good terminator with the CGI of the black liquid one over a chassis being a bit ropey. Watched it on imdb trailers last night.



    I liked that, but with 5 months to release I doubt if everything is complete at this stage. Even if it is, I’ll take a decent story and reduction in CGI over better effects and a poor story, so fingers crossed.



    Yet more proof that the bad guys in the DC universe have better stories than the good guys …
    or maybe DC just sucks at telling superhero stories on the big screen ? 😉

    Definitely interesting to see Batman’s friend in his own movie.
    I kind of hope we get a Batman set in the exact same universe/setting too.
    One that is even more grounded in reality than the Nolan trilogy variant.

    btw :

    Imagine Heath Ledger playing this part … *eep*


    Terminator ?

    That series is stuck in a groundhog day loop of repeating the same story over and over again.
    I get it … the first two were great.
    And changing the setting to the post apocalyptic universe didn’t work.
    However I’d argue that this series simply doesn’t need more of the same.
    And neither does it need the ‘future’ prequel to be told.
    Both movies told all that was needed.
    Anything else just removes the mystery.
    It’s the equivalent of the midichlorians in Star Wars …

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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