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Tanks Modern Age – balance problems

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    I know that this game is more ‘beer and pretzels’ rather than Historical but having a few games under my belt now, is it just me or are there some serious balance problems?

    Now I know that the Soviet T-64 is considered a bit OP what with the Advanced Stabaliser. Given that it is the SAME point cost as the Chieftain, and that tank only has a Stabiliser, it seem the game was not tested very well.

    The Hind is another problem. Point cost looks high, but the ability to move and shoot missiles without any disadvantage, just makes it a monster.

    And the biggest issue I have found its that the light vehicles, which are meant to be dedicated anti-tank and anti-heli missle systems are just rubbish. They are blown up in either the first or second round, and have very little punch.




    it’s why I avoided tanks and modern exacerbates the issues, FoW is relatively balanced, but once you start isolating the elements in a small tank on tank (with choppers) game it loses that  massively.

    A custom system from the ground up would have made more sense, if people wanted to play WoT on the table top then the game should reflect that, detailed hit locations and the like, deep dive into the individual tanks and most importantly keep aircraft the hell away.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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