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Terrain ideas for my junk box

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    Hello, long-time member from Western Canada, been a long time absent. I fell off the hobby wagon a few years ago and lately, I’m thinking of getting back on it. One thing I want to do is make terrain. I don’t know what terrain or scenery I want to make, and I’m writing this to ask for any suggestions or ideas. AoS, Fantasy, 40K or even D&D ideas are all welcome.

    I have collected a small box of, well, junk. I have some Pringle cans, a LOT of pill bottles of various sizes, weird-looking compacted cardboard… Thingy, and two plastic… Thingies. Basically a lot of thingies.

    I’m posting some pictures to show what I’m talking about:

    20220116_122532[1] 20220116_122727[1] 20220116_123104[1]

    Thank you for reading. Any feedback or input would be appreceated.




    Well, see through pill bottles can almost be used as is for the classic “laboratory holding tanks” for SciFi and fantasy (for wizard laboratory) simply by putting them upside down, maybe put some “specimens” in them and paint the cap to fit the vibe your going for.  If its not see through you could try giving it a door made out of sprue or greenstuff and painting it as an elevator for an underground shelter or a building for Sci-Fi.

    For pringles cans I have actually seen a lot of SciFi tower terrain made with them (you can even add fire escape stairs with things like disposable shaver sheaths), same deal with the cardboard electronic packaging (lot of starwars type terrain) and nut cans. Conversely you can turn them all into castle parts or as stand alone stone structures such wizard towers or try stacking them into a bigger tower complex for, oh, maybe a diesel/steam punk style dirigible refuel station for fantasy games like sludge or Warmachine (or even 40k).

    The 2 candy packaging would likely work great together for fuel tanks in an oil refinery, though personally I find that foil a bit on the crinkle side so you may want to try reinforcing it with spruegoo.

    I also several things like that kids snack package in the first pic that would work well as small Sci-Fi out buildings and landmark parts (sheds, maybe guard checkpoints, statue bases, etc.).



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    Is there a chance to obtain a second or third cardboard packaging thing? You definitely could make some cool sci-fi terrain with it, I was thinking some weird natural phenomenon or alien thing (Tyranids or Necrons style?). Having only changes the planning a bit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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