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Terrain ideas for my junk box

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    Hello, long-time member from Western Canada, been a long time absent. I fell off the hobby wagon a few years ago and lately, I’m thinking of getting back on it. One thing I want to do is make terrain. I don’t know what terrain or scenery I want to make, and I’m writing this to ask for any suggestions or ideas. AoS, Fantasy, 40K or even D&D ideas are all welcome.

    I have collected a small box of, well, junk. I have some Pringle cans, a LOT of pill bottles of various sizes, weird-looking compacted cardboard… Thingy, and two plastic… Thingies. Basically a lot of thingies.

    I’m posting some pictures to show what I’m talking about:

    20220116_122532[1] 20220116_122727[1] 20220116_123104[1]

    Thank you for reading. Any feedback or input would be appreceated.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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