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The Outposts Mystery Boxes September 2018

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    A couple of days ago The Outpost sold 60 Mystery boxes for £12.50 each, saying it would be something they would do now and again.  they sold out in a few hours.  Mine just arrived and as I’m curious what other people got and I think we are all better off knowing the range of content before they do this again, lets share out content and some pics in this thread.  I imagine a fair few of those 60 boxes sold to BoW viewers, after all.  So here goes…

    Link to the sale:

    Firstly, here is how big the box was.  Bigger than expected and it weighed a fair bit too!  Kinda exciting!



    First out of the box is some Dreadball minis.  Corporation and orcs in coloured plastic, along with card and plastic tokens and a free lunchbox!  presumably the minis and tokens from a starter set.  I already own these in non coloured plastic and they are already painted.  I don’t play Dreadball.



    Next up, some Gouged Eye Bloodbowl Dice (RRP £7), and some turquoise gems tokens (RRP £1.50).  I don’t play Bloodbowl, and I don’t have friends that do.



    Then I found a booster bag for Dice Masters and some art (stat?) cards for War for Edadh.  Neither are of use to me.



    Then i saw the Forgeworld logo and got excited.  Cadian Veteran Shotgun Upgrade pack  No idea how much is supposed to be in there.  I don’t have any Imperial Guard and don’t actively play 40K.



    Next up is a Prodos Games template set (Not sure which game its for?), some Netrunner card sleeves, and some (limited promo?) cards for Shadespire.  Card sleeves are always worth having.  Don’t know if these have value as it says they are limited edition and I know Netrunner is ending?  I do have a copy of Shadespire I am learning to play.



    There were 2 rule books: Judge Dredd, Blood on the Streets, and FoW 1939-41 and 1944-45 (why they are ignoring 42-43 I couldn’t say)  I don’t know if they are for current rule sets or not.  I do own a 2 player starter for the current FoW I’ve yet to play.



    I got a Golum Arcana modular play mat (6 12″x 12″ boards), “The Marshes of Kesh”, and some Bloodbowl stickers, and some Killteam(?) promo badges.  Firestorm is its own game, right?  Team Yankee Firestorm Promo pin, and 2 Bloodbowl badges  Nothing for me here.



    Lastly, there  was an expansion deck for Lot5R, “Meditations on the Ephemeral” (£14 RRP).  Another game I don’t play.



    Without looking at prices I am confident I got way more than the £12.50 + P&P I paid for this box (I’ll likely try and price it up later).  However, I was looking for 1-2 fun models to paint, or some interesting hobby supplies.  I already own and am already trying to sell on the models in this pack.  I didn’t get anything in it I think I’ll want to keep.  But that’s the risk with Mystery boxes.  I’m still glad I went in on it.  I have piece of mind and the experience, and £12.50 isn’t too bad a gamble.  I doubled down on the Guildball mystery boxes last year, kept over £100 of stuff and sold the rest for a net profit.  I essentially got paid to take models!


    So that’s what I got.  What did anyone else get?  Anyone want to do some swaps, or see anything here they’d like to buy?  It’ll likely all go to eBay eventually otherwise.

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    Looks interesting, I contemplated buying one when I got the email about it a few days ago.

    Was slightly put off because I really should be clearing out than getting more stuff, but I think I’ll pick one up the next time it happens having seen this. I know it’s random obviously but if manage to get one or two things that will pretty good going.



    It’s certainly an eclectic mix of bits and pieces – The Firestorm pin badge is from the recent Team Yankee campaign that was run by Battlefront, it was given out as part of the promo and participation in the event. And the reason your not seeing 42-43 on the FOW rulebook is that version was published as part of the launch of Version 4 which concentrates on Mid war and that rule book was for those people looking to play Early and Late war periods.

    I’d contemplated going for one of these boxes but that’s just such a random collection of bits and left overs that I think that’s hard to justify looking at the next opportunity but will be interested to see if anyone else shares their contents.



    Mystery boxes: the ultimate way for any store to get rid of random dead or partial/opened/bits stock!


    …and I am such a sucker for those!



    You take your chances but its often worth it.  Like I said I made £105+ from the Guildball boxes essentially.  If I’m patient I expect to get my money back from this box on ebay, although I’m hoping to trade for something interesting if there anything anyone wants.  had this been a £50 box I wouldn’t have braved it, but for £12.50 I almost bought 2.

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