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    Hi guys!

    For this fifth Kickstarter campaign, THM has been burning the midnight oil and is proud to introduce a whole new line: DESERT.

    • A complete line of new products.
    • .STL digital versions to print at home.
    •  The possibility to get the All-In box and all Stretch Goals PAINTED.

    Perfectly scaled for 25 to 32 mm miniatures or simply for the pleasure of collecting, these sceneries will answer to the most demanding among you. THM terrain pieces are cast in the best resin available on the market making them robust and modular.


    Support this project and unlock stretch goals!

    “The front door seems really scorched from the inside, professor! No doubt rubble keeps it from opening… But it looks like there’s an opening in the wall, where part of it collapsed, we could go in from there, sure, but be very careful, as this large building could come apart in an instant and bury you forever!”


    “A column of this sort is really quite rare in this geographic area? Pity it’s broken… Get three men to start digging around it right away, it’d be capital to find the missing pieces, especially its capstone! It will help me understand the cultural influences that underlie the civilization that flourished here for centuries!”


    “Finally, here’s the first stage of our travel in front of us! Admire this gorgeous centuries-old portal, my friends, and behind it, once we’ll have crossed its gates, our incredible adventure will take on a new importance; follow me, let’s go discover the mysteries buried in the City of Sands… Let’s go, as the world belongs to the daring!”


    Thank you guys 🙂



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    those gates in a jungle theme with an electric fence scream jurassic park to me!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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