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Tiny Cthulhu – A Tiny D6 RPG

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    Currently 17 days left on Kickstarter is Tiny Cthulhu, a Tiny D6 RPG by Gallant Knight Games.

    To quoteth the campaign page:

    We know, that header is probably confusing. It’s not like, a really small Cthulhu, but a Lovecraftian RPG powered by a minimalist ruleset!

    Using the rules in this book, you’ll be able to play investigators, doomed heroes, and classic cosmic horror characters of all types, from scientists and librarians, to WWI veterans, to mysterious guardians defending the world from the dark powers of cthonic entities!

    Character creation is simple, fast, and exciting. You pick your character archetype based on the exciting stories your Game Master is going to tell, you pick a few Traits that each grant a single benefit, and you’re done!

    Tiny Cthulhu features a myriad of settings set throughout the world and history, ranging from prehistory to the Bronze Age, Age of Sail, World War 1, modern day, as well as fantasy, superheroes and the science fiction future!

    You can survive cosmic horror in any time or place! (Lucky you!)

    Additionally, each setting will have appendices that details how you can integrate other TinyD6 books like Tiny Dungeon 2e, Tiny Supers, and Tiny Frontiers: Revised with Tiny Cthulhu to create robust and unique experiences.

    The campaign has already unlocked a ton of stretch goals:

    1. 8 micro-settings by some amazing writers/designers.  These are quick-start settings to give game masters a jumping off point or inspiration for their own games.

    2. 4 card decks (Mythos Spell, Mythos Tome, Mythos Locations, Mythos Enemies) – these are game aids, not necessary to play, but handy to have for reference.  (Of course I have to have them all!)

    3. Extra art!

    Left to unlock, but getting closer – Cthulhu Cults Deck, The Illumination of Aldebaran Adventure Path, another two micro-settings, and even more art!

    And last but not least…through community pressure, unscrupulous hounding, and more than a few sacrifices to unspeakable beings…Gallant Knight Games has stated that if we can reach $35,000 (currently at $26,285 with 17 days to go), then they will release a tie-in to another Tiny D6 game…Beach Patrol: Innsmouth Edition!!!

    I’m so stoked for that!  Beach Patrol is a Tiny D6 RPG that calls back to slo-mo running beach adventures of the 90’s (Long Live the Hoff!).  Now combine that serious or hilarious concept (set your own campy meter for your table) with Deep Ones, Dagon, Mother Hydra, hybrids, and cultists!

    That’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to from Tiny Cthulhu…cross-compatibility.  While Tiny Cthulhu is a stand-alone book, the Tiny D6 system already has a huge catalogue of various genre offerings that can be used in conjunction with it for even more mileage…Tiny Dungeons, Tiny Gunslingers, Tiny Pirates, Tiny Frontiers (sci-fi), Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters, Tiny Gods, Tiny Living Dead, Tiny Supers, Tiny Wastelands, and plenty of sourcebooks and game aids sprinkled around the lot.  I believe Tiny Cyberpunk is in the future too.

    Anyway, I’m a fan of many of Gallant Knight Games’ products and think they are worth checking out…especially Tiny Cthulhu (because, selfishly, I REALLY want that Beach Patrol tie-in!)


    You can find some great Q&A and Live Plays on YouTube on the Victory Condition Gaming channel…including two parts of a Tiny Cthulhu game run by head Gallant Knight Games’ man, Alan Bahr.  (But also find his live play of Beach Patrol on the same channel…it is hilarious!)


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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by  midnightblue.


    For those already familiar with the TinyD6 rules set, here’s what Tiny Cthulhu brings to the table [quoted from the campaign page]:

    If you’re familiar with the TinyD6 ruleset, you’re probably wanting to know what’s new in the game! Well, Tiny Cthulhu features the following:

    Minimalist Corruption rules focused on aiding storytelling. The Corruption rules in Tiny Cthulhu focus on showcasing how having your reality undermined by unimaginable horrors affects the character, and how individuals must commit every fiber of their being when trying to overcome cosmic horrors like these!

    New enemies, new Environment Traits to aid the otherworldly storytelling, and new rules for magic and tomes!

    Support for Pulp-style storytelling! A chapter titled Tiny Pulp will feature in this book, having unique rules for pulp and two-fisted action heroism!

    Support for Noir-style storytelling! Integral to the Cthulhu mythos, Tiny Cthulhu will have a Tiny Noir chapter with minimalist investigation rules, details and help for constructing your own investigations.

    Gadgets, Steampunk themes and more are integrated into Tiny Cthulhu!

    Our goal is to give you the most useful genre-book for Lovecraftian horror that we can!



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    This is interesting!


    I could see this added to my RPG collection.



    Tiny Cthulhu, a TinyD6 engine RPG by Gallant Knight Games, has entered the last week of the Kickstarter fully funded, with 700 backers and $28,575 in pledges currently.  We just reached a stretch goal for a 5th game aid deck detailing Cthulhu Cults.

    The next stretch goal at $30,000 is The Illumination of Aldebaran Adventure Path…an adventure for Tiny Cthulhu that the next update is supposed to shine added light upon.  Then of course there is the Beach Patrol: Innsmouth stretch goal at $35,000 that I have a perverse fascination with and really hope we achieve.

    In related news, and just highlighting what a great company Gallant Knight Games is, they have made their game “Tiny Supers” a pay what you want item on Drive Thru RPG for a limited time in acknowledgement of the coronavirus hardships hitting folks. With more and more people being stuck at home (adults and kids) and some with no or reduced pay, this might be just the thing to add a little bit of sunshine in otherwise dreary days.

    If I wasn’t already a proud KS backer and owner of the game, I’d be all over it.  The game is a superhero genre RPG using the TinyD6 game engine.  So a great opportunity to test drive the base rules of Tiny Cthulhu in another genre.  Plus, as Tiny Cthulhu is being designed in a way that you can use other TinyD6 books to expand your game opportunities, if you back Tiny Cthulhu, you’d have the tools to bring Lovecraftian horror into a supers’ universe.



    Four days left in the Tiny Cthulhu, a TinyD6 engine RPG, Kickstarter.

    We’re currently just over $700 away from The Illumination of Alderbaran stretch goal.  This is…well Alan speaks better of his work than I can:

    The Illumination Nears!

    As this campaign winds down, the final-ish stretch goal is The Illumination of Alderbaran. I’d like to talk about that a bit!

    The Illumination is inspired by my love of Chamber’s The King in Yellow. Lovecraft is a primary influence on this game, but on a personal level, my sessions, experiences and games tend to be drawn from the surreal, dream-like horror that Chamber’s work provided. I prefer the subtly unsettling nature of his work!

    The Illumination is the home campaign I ran during playtesting, converted to a publishable campaign format for Tiny Cthulhu. It’s less of a series of connected encounters (like a dungeon or similar) and more a series of encounters, events and props that can be remixed and reseeded anyway the enterprising GM would prefer.

    We’ll present them in the fashion I run it in, but aside from a few key capstone scenes and elements, the campaign is designed to be a bit…wibbly-wobbly.

    It’s primarily investigative, low on combat, and features elements of time-travel, art, dreams, and surreal and esoteric landscapes that all combine into a wonderful cacophony of deranged…well…

    I might have said too much…


    Sounds like a fun/maddening adventure.  Especially so since I still have my beautiful, deluxe, annotated copy of The King in Yellow that I need to dig into for added inspiration.

    For those stuck at home in these uncertain times, possibly with the whole family, and maybe tight on funds, I wanted to remind you that the makers of Tiny Cthulhu, Gallant Knight Games, has put another of their TinyD6 engine games, Tiny Supers, as a Pay-What-You-Want item on DriveThru RPG for a limited time.  (see prior post for DriveThru link)

    Related to both amazing generosity and to TinyD6, Elizabeth Chaipraditkul of Angry Hamster Publishing has similarly put one of her games, Familiars of Terra, on DriveThru as Pay-What-You-Want to help folks with a little stress relief for those on tight budgets right now.

    Elizabeth is just one of the many talented game designers and authors lending their voices to Tiny Cthulhu in the form of micro-setting stretch goals.  I love her work and can’t wait to see what she brings to Tiny Cthulhu.

    So if you haven’t yet, come check out the Tiny Cthulhu campaign.



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