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Trying to keep up with the GW curve before a game disappears

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    Hey guys, one thing I have found in the past is that I often regret not buying something when available. Often this is because I am waiting to finish another project or have the funds to grab what I wanted. I will say that more often than not this is for my hobby rather than to play games and I am hoping to grab miniatures I like. With most companies and game systems having limited ranges, many don’t retire their minis but GW has done in times gone by.

    In recent times with the high turnover of their games, I am concerned I will miss buying a force I like as it will go out of production without me actually knowing about it.

    Is there any way to get notifications or be able to see what’s going out of production before it does so I can prioritize getting those minis that I like before they disappear to the realms of eBay where they get a silly mark up.

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    If you sign up to GW and Forge World newsletters they do list things as “last chance to buy” but I don’t know how much notice you get in real terms because it’s usually listed at the point when production has ceased



    @onlyonepinman thank you for the info buddy.



    I suspect that things that are moved to ‘web-only’ status are prime candicates for things that either go out of production or get replaced …

    btw : it can pay to visit brick&mortar stores that sell GW products, because they may have a few ‘out of production’ boxes on the shelves.



    I noticed this with the Shadowspear set. There was no notification. When I started ringing around, the only explanation I heard was that they thought it was a “one and done set”: produce a set amount, send them to the retailers, the end. None of the retailers I spoke to heard anything official about it, and I don’t have a local Warhammer store to check with.



    The issue is that these boxes are always great value compared to the individual purchase cost of the miniatures. Overkill, Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth and the first Killteam are all great examples. With exception of Killteam the rules that came with them were naff.



    I feel your pain. I believe this also is intentional to some degree, as it does create that fear of missing out feeling you describe, regretting not getting it when available and then next time something comes up, the compulsion to buy at once.

    What I find most annoying is when they sell out before or just around the release, such as several of the battlesets (eg carrion empire, that I even had preordered at a FLGS only to be told it was “cancelled” as in they were not allocated any stock being independent) and Shadow War Armageddon base set. And that recent knight apocalypse set that seems to be impossible to get anywhere.





    I can confirm as well the guys here that manage the store are pretty much kept in the dark on stock availability, and the way the pre order process is setup Small Independents have to basically guess how much they will sell and commit to a number in advance.

    The product then goes to a status called ‘Out of Stock’ and sits there with the ‘possibility’ of it coming back into stock. (and sometimes indeed it actually does, but just as often it sits there for a few weeks then goes to the ‘No Longer Available’ status. (At which point at least here we reach out with apologies and a voucher code to say sorry to folk who have been waiting.

    Makes it harder for a small store to give impeccable levels of customer service – but you can only keep trying and doing your best.



    This is what I love my local comics/manga/games/hobby-shop. They order from stockist and so can get web-only order in and on the shelves.

    Never leave me, Travelling Man.



    @limburger, will keep that in mind buddy cheers



    @horus500 Thankfully I am more interested in the nice minis more often than not.




    I feel your pain and have struggled to keep on top of the boxed sets and games and then they disappear before you even know it.  All I can recommend really is if you really want it then buy it now.



    @kiranamida the non-GW (web)shop where I usually buy GW models can do that too, although there is either a delay as they combine such orders or a small extra fee.

    I suspect any of the 2 army ‘starter’ sets are only available until the unique models become available on their own.

    It kind of sucks that some models (like the Imperial guard Taurox) are only available in the ‘start collecting’ set.



    Problem is when you do get the “Last chance” email you can end up spending a big wedge just to grab things whilst you can only for them to sit in the to-do pile for ages as you’ve already planned to be working on other things during that time…..
    Not that I would know about such things….
    Move along….




    Just don’t slip from “keeping up” to “buying and not painting or gaming”. After a several hundred dollars, this was happening with me with Magic, and I finally dropped the game. Rules get revised, miniatures get better, and other companies put out similar product. I still have yet to do this with my KS habit, of course. :/

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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