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    ### Start of shameless copy and paste ###

    First time visitor to OTT? Then please introduce yourself in the New Member Thread and look around in the Project System. Then come back and read on…

    Read all of this before you start as it will save you any trouble later.

    First thing you must do is make your “pledge”. It can be anything gaming related, big or small, and you don’t even have to finish it. No, in here, happiness is the road. Have fun doing whatever it is, but it is not a race. Accompany your work with pictures or we might think you are do something sinister and just using us for cover.

    You are also presented with a few questions. It is to get the conversation started. Try and keep your answers ‘conversational’, no text speak, and certainly no “basically”. This is how we all get to know each other better. While you are here feel free to tell us a story, show a picture, joke, tales of love or woe, or just add your own little bit. This is the whole point…in here it is just us.

    If you have never taken part before we may bark and bite, but we also like a cuddle! It is all done in the best possible taste and it is character building. feel free to give as good as you get.

    A few other things to note: NO RELIGION & NO POLITICS! Glasgow pub rules are in effect. If you need to make a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss. And always keep it civil.

    Play plenty of music to go with your work. Loud and through proper speakers. Write us a playlist of things we might not have heard before.

    Now, after all of that there is only one ‘real’ rule in here and it cannot be broken: NO DICKS! (Exceptions may be made for little fighting men with little plastic/resin/metal wieners)

    And don’t forget the highlights of the weekend: The Weekender on Friday and XLBS on Sunday. And the little show that is the unofficial Hobby Hangout over at

    ### End of shameless copy and paste ###


    • What was the last non-monopose miniature you’ve build?
    • Would you rather have perfectly fitting snap on single pose minis or pose-able ones that need a bit of work?
    • Why did I wait so long to switch to Tamiya brush on glue?!

    And now back to the show.


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    Good morning.

    Pledge: Build 20 Frostgrave soldiers!

    I already did 8 wizards last night.

    My answers:

    • see above
    • Multipose. every time. legs, torso, arms and head. I don’t need more.
    • Had I known not only how much better the application of that glue is but also how much faster it settles and bonds. JEEBUS!  Plus no needle to clog up.

    And have some music for the day:



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    Happy Friday.
    My pledge is to start painting some of my Sláine miniatures I got last week. Going to start with the Formorian champions and maybe the Badb, 3 women in tight chainmail tops.

    Also tomorrow evening  I plan to play a game of Frostgrave using the Ulterior Motives deck of cards to give us both secret tasks to perform during the game. Hopefully a visit to the frozen city will help make us feel a little cooler in this warm weather.

    What was the last non-monopose miniature you’ve build?

    Some plastic Frostgrave gnolls from North Star. Very useful for Rangers of Shadow Deep.

    Would you rather have perfectly fitting snap on single pose minis or pose-able ones that need a bit of work?

    If it’s going to be multipart then posable.

    Why did I wait so long to switch to Tamiya brush on glue?!

    Because those Revell pots are so big and take ages to run out.


    It’s Friday and my day off



    Pledge: complete atleast one mini this week.

    Last non-monopose minis? I very well have forgotten. More often than not the static figure just goes together. I guess that the only real options have been with arm sprues and torsos have been overlooked. Scratch that last thought… orks. Beloved GW orks a long time ago gave me the chance to swap out torsos and kitbash as I saw fit. I might get back to that soon in about a month.

    Single pose minis have purpose for the singular focus of one pose but generally I’d say a little bit of work is my bag. All the love for orks on my hobby desk, if I were to start spending money and building that kind of army. Hell look at the guy doing 3D mods of his Spazz Muhreens to get all the battle damage and casualties.

    No idea why you waited for the swap. I will suggest that if you ever run out the same product is just nail polisher remover. Acetone in bulk is the same thing as “plasti-weld” for those who are well acquainted with plasticard. I figured that out after trying out a few products

    Speaking of plastic, I really got a shock as far as learning about microplastics now being found in the human body. Perhaps Gerry’s love of metal was right all along.



    (1) What was the last non-monopose miniature you’ve build?
    That would have been the one deadzone soldier I’ve partially completed … 😀

    (2) Would you rather have perfectly fitting snap on single pose minis or pose-able ones that need a bit of work?
    Depends on the purpose and model.
    If I need only a few and there is enough variety in poses then I wouldn’t mind a snap fit or similar model.
    Otherwise posable is the way to go …

    I mean … can you imagine a posable rat-model ? The B1 Battledroid heads aren’t exactly my idea of ‘a ‘fun model’ to build and it would be even worse if there were rat-sized critters.

    (3) Why did I wait so long to switch to Tamiya brush on glue?!
    ’cause you didn’t run out of whatever previous glue you were using ?
    I’ve always liked the Revell Contacta bottles. Only reason I got the metal needle stuck was because I hadn’t cleaned it properly and it had been ages since I had used it …

    tip : if it gets clogged … take the metal needle out of the bottle and set it on fire. Glue burns and metal doesn’t 😉

    I prefer the precision of the metal needle over the ff-ing huge brush on glue stuff.

    @horati0nosebl0wer you are shocked ?
    I think if you were to do a precise count of all the things that end up in the human body you’d lock yourself inside a clean room …
    just thinking of all the tiny bacteria and related creatures that apparently are at home on your face makes my skin crawl.

    Oh … and you know how cheese (like Gouda) tends to have a plastic orange thing on the outside ?
    I used to eat that as a kid.  And who hasn’t swallowed bubblegum …
    So again … not surprised there’s possibly plastic inside of me 😀




    There’s micro plastics in teabags…. I’m English, 57 and drink a bucket load of tea every day…

    More likely there’s micro-DNA in my plastic body by this point.

    If I’m building an army unit I like monopose for quick building.

    Heroic characters and leaders are fine with multipose and choice of equipment.

    Never tried the tamiya glue. I’m using the revell contacta professional and having less needle blocked problems than the citadel stuff I was using before. Good tip on clearing the needle @limburger… but if my house catches on fire you’ll be hearing from my lawyer.



    @pagan8th I’ve only heard it being something that could be done … never actually done it.
    ’cause mine never clogged except that once … and it was a tiny bottle so I didn’t feel to bad about buying a new normal sized version.

    The one thing I did try was set a sprue on fire in order to make realistic dark smoke effects …

    (let’s just say that they did warn that the fumes were toxic and that you should do this outside … )
    This was pre-internet era. I think it was in one of the few dedicated scale model magazines.

    The unboxing I was going to do ?
    Well … things didn’t go as planned, because the box didn’t contain the thing that was on the box.

    It did however containt another box :

    bottom reminding us that there was more to buy :


    Decals (no Ultrasmurfs) to be seen :

    Old skool instructions with a final section telling people to add bits from other kits or even cut stuff to change things :

    The sprues :

    We have the parts, we have to tools … we can build him 😀


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    There are no monopose minis for me – you have no idea what I can accomplish with only a sharp hobby knife, a good understanding of anatomy, and a bit of ambition? Wait – this sounds a bit… strange.

    Perfectly fitting snap fit or poseable? I. Don’t. Care. See my comment above.

    Yes, tell me why you didn’t use Tamyia brush-on glue before. Especially the very liquid one is perfect for minis.



    The last multi-piece miniature I assembled were the Mantic ghouls, and they’re horrible. Whatever it is, as a gamer, I’d much rather have integrated miniatures or flush-fit parts, and not need to convert anything. From a gaming POV, any assembly just means more time needed to get the miniatures on the table.

    OTOH, As a WYSIWYG miniatures gamer, I do like customizable miniatures that can be made to create units of different game stats. Frex, the Great Escape Games Plastic Gunfighters let you choose your gunfighter’s equipment, important when gunfighters with revolvers have different stats from those with rifles. You can sometimes even hot-swap equipment, such as this guy with the rope, who can alternately hold dynamite, or some other special equipment. Customizable parts also allow you to create miniatures to round out your existing collection of monopose miniatures.

    Tamiya Cement sprue glue for gap filling :



    Non mono pose – I kit bashed these tank riders  for my Rubicon JPanther . Lots of leg swaps , a couple of lower torsos from the plastic German seated set and various arms from pretty much every other Warlord German plastics 9 kitbashed Warlord Fallschirmjager

    While I do have a few single pose minis , mostly metal , if I have 2 or 3 of the same figure I usually head swap or add equipment to make them look different

    I have used Tamiya liquid for years building 1/35 scale tanks .

    Pledge – hmm , I’m in the middle of building 2 Flak 88 guns , Rubicon and  Italeri . Although the Italeri gun is the same one as released in the Warlord plastic kit ,  Italeri gives you a plastic crew not metal like Warlord . So I have two 7 man gun crews to build and paint . Probably a little kit bashing  involved as one gun is emplaced on a shrubbery covered base and the other is going to be firing mounted on its wheel sets . This involves mounting the Italeri gun on the Rubicon wheel sets as the Italeri gun has the ground pegs stowed as would be seen on a vehicle in travel mode not through the trail legs like the Rubicon kit gives you .

    Sometimes I wish I didn’t know all the stuff I know now and I could just build the kit straight from the box not caring

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    @limburger  that is some old kit

    @fourtytwo  I think we need to send you some people with the white “I love myself” jackets… cutting limbs? XD

    @ced1106 I was aware of sprue goo but I wasn’t aware of how different this cement would be to the Revel stuff 8)

    @a27cromwell  I feel you. “That detail shouldn’t be there” can be a very annoying sound in ones head XD

    Now if you lot will excuse me, I have a weekender to watch



    > I was aware of sprue goo but I wasn’t aware of how different this cement would be to the Revel stuff 8)

    Uh oh — What was your experience with sprue goo like? I’d like to know what you and others think of it, as I haven’t used it yet. Have two tubes of plastic putty still. 😀

    Forgot to mention that with multi-piece miniatures, you can have multiple versions of the same character. Frex, if you have duplicate sprues, you can create a miniature with the same head and clothing, but different weapons and poses (eg. fighting vs. relaxed). Plastic sprues also tend to have more heads than bodies, so you can use putty to swap heads (eg. “good guy heads” vs. “bad guy heads”).



    Sprue Goo or as I call it liquid plastic is great for filling gaps on figure’s arm joints etc . Its also great filling those pesky knock out indents seen on large plastic pieces on tanks and vehicle ( under fenders and inside walls of open top vehicles ) . I tend to make a new batch when my Tamiya liquid glue gets down to the last 1/8 inch . I’ve found that sprue plastic varies too much in hardness and texture , so I have been using bits of white plastic Ever Green Styrene . Its a much softer plastic so it melts quicker in the bottle  and can almost be painted on with a brush



    @sundancer copyright 1991 … it’s one of their first plastic vehicle kits along with the Rhino and Predator.

    This was when there were no GW shops in the Netherlands (at least none that I knew) and I had to travel quite a bit to get to the nearest FLGS. (luckily as a student I had access to free public transport … despite never needing it for school :D)


    Walking on the wild side this week everybody. Speaking of the 90s… lets just get a reminder of the insanity of Jim Carey and some reality to wash it down with.

    Thankfully Gerry is the only one subjected to the torture of my projects in private for the moment. I’ll be finishing a mini up today and a batch before going to bed Sunday night. Oh the things I will share


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