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    ### Start of shameless copy & paste ###

    Read all of this before you start as it will save any trouble later.

    First thing you must do is make your “pledge”. It can be anything gaming related, big or small, and you don’t even have to finish it. No, in here, happiness is the road. Have fun doing whatever it is, but it is not a race. Accompany your work with pictures or we might think you are do something sinister and just using us for cover.

    You are also presented with a few questions. It is to get the conversation started. Try and keep your answers ‘conversational’, no text speak, and certainly no “basically”. This is how we all get to know each other better. While you are here feel free to tell us a story, show a picture, joke, tales of love or woe, or just add your own little bit. This is the whole point…in here it is just us.

    If you have never taken part before we may bark and bite, but we also like a cuddle! It is all done in the best possible taste and it is character building. feel free to give as good as you get.

    A few other things to note: NO RELIGION & NO POLITICS! Glasgow pub rules are in effect. If you need to make a better point then it is fine, but don’t take the piss. And always keep it civil.

    Play plenty of music to go with your work. Loud and through proper speakers. Write us a playlist of things we might not have heard before.

    Now, after all of that there is only one ‘real’ rule in here and it cannot be broken: NO DICKS! (Exceptions may be made for little fighting men with little plastic/resin/metal wieners)

    And don’t forget the highlights of the weekend: The Weekender on Friday and XLBS on Sunday. And the little show that is the unofficial Hobby Hangout over at

    ### End of shameless copy & paste ###

    Questions of the week:

    • How is your current sleep cycle?
    • How long is your optimal sleep time?
    • Do you fall asleep in bed easily or do you take ages to get to rest?

    Friday, I’m in love…



    Cult of Games Member


    • a mixed bag
    • still at 7 – 8 hours.
    • according to my wife I’m asleep the minute I close my eyes…

    My pledges: Get the primed Star Wars Legion stuff done. Maybe even start on the Snotlings.


    Cult of Games Member

    I tend to get to bed between 12-1 am

    6.5 hours

    I often lay awake for an hour before falling asleep

    Finish all the Dracula’s America minis and Frostgrave Warband. Start new Bushido Minis


    Cult of Games Member
    • How is your current sleep cycle? Same as usual I guess
    • How long is your optimal sleep time? About ten hours. I typically get about six hours. Sometimes as few as four (if I lose track of time on a late-night painting or coding session) sometimes as many as nine or ten.
    • Do you fall asleep in bed easily or do you take ages to get to rest? As soon as my head hits the pillo……….zzzzzzzz

    Pledge – finish my Earthworm Jim diorama (yep, I turned a single miniature into a full diorama for no other reason than…. well, why not?)


    Get some music in your lug-holes:

    Best cover song ever I reckon. I went to visit my brother-in-law when he lived in Berlin a few years ago. Arrived on Weds evening. “We’ve got a gig tomorrow night” he said, on my arrival. We played a nightclub the following evening (just jamming simple three-chord songs as we’d never practiced before!). Finished with this. I didn’t know at the time that it’s the unofficial anthem for Berlin. Went down a storm – best gig I’ve ever played, I think.




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    1) How is your current sleep cycle?
    I think 6 hours on work days with a bit extra in the weekends to ‘recover’ …
    So same as always … 😀
    The sleep timing on my smartwatch does tell me that I get 4hours on tuesday and wednesday for some reason.
    And I say we blame @sundancer for that 😀

    2) How long is your optimal sleep time?
    I think 6 hours

    3) Do you fall asleep in bed easily or do you take ages to get to rest?
    Unless it is too hot … I can sleep pretty much anywhere.
    Heck, I even managed to sleep through a (minor) earthquake while thinking that it was just a bit of heavy traffic … (in a street that rarely has any … ).

    Given that I managed to assemble one measily ‘easy-build’ space marine during the pirate radio broadcast I think I can set my goal a bit higher for this week 😀


    @blinky465 as a cover of the English original of 99 baloons … yeah it is not bad.
    However the original German version still is the best as the translation also loses some of the intent.

    And speaking of German 80’s songs :

    This one is really dark once you listen to the lyrics :

    ( hint : it’s from the point of view of a stalker / psycho …
    “They’re coming to get you … they won’t find you … you are with me … ” )



    Cult of Games Member

    Yeah, a few of my German friends have pretty much said the same thing. It’s amazing how few people (here in the UK at least) completely missed the whole point of the song, and see it just as a happy-bouncy-80s pop hit. It seems very few people actually listened to the lyrics (I remember the Nena video having a really poignant ending but it was almost always faded over before the song ended, on Top of the Pops)


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    I started a new project for Earthworm Jim – even got a shout-out from Duncan “Two Thin Coats” Rhodes on the intertubes – for a diorama that was really only supposed to kill a few hours through the week!

    Earthworm Jim diorama


    Cult of Games Member

    Blame me? Humbug! 😛


    Cult of Games Member

    Hahah! I’m taking this one on the chin – entirely my own fault. But speaking of projects for which you’re to blame, did you get your parcel? I’m guessing it didn’t blow up in your face after all?


    Cult of Games Member

    Oh I meant the @limburger with the blame me part XD

    And yes, I got ye olde parcel @blinky465 and I’ve showed it off to the world on Tuesday. And said some words whilst reading your letter to Gerry.



    Cult of Games Member

    Well, that’s a giveaway I haven’t watched the hobby hangout yet, isn’t it? I’ll have to catch up tonight (it’s Question of Sport on the telly, then Peter Kay, so I’m going nowhere for a bit…)



    @blinky465 I would say it’s more commonly the English, but the British in general, don’t care that much about what foreign language songs mean and only focus on beats and such. Here in Canada I find it much the same; I got mocked for listening to Norwegian music, but they will go to bars and dance to Spanish language music with no real ability to understand what any of the words even mean… Always used to piss me off, because I actually try to learn the Norwegian songs with what little Norwegian I have learned so far… On the one hand, it’s annoying, but on the other it was actually gratifying to know that Canadians are just as bad as we are.

    As for pledges, I’m going to be working on my Royal Marines reference project, but I also have a ‘Contrast as a tool’ project I’m working on for the skin of one of my Daughters of Khaine minis…so we’ll see how that goes. Participation after this week may slow for me, though, with school starting next week…Geology online is going to be a horrible way to learn, but it is what it is, sadly.


    How is your current sleep cycle?

    It functions like a sand-filled machine…so badly…very badly…

    How long is your optimal sleep time?

    I’ll let you know once I’ve worked it out.

    Do you fall asleep in bed easily or do you take ages to get to rest?

    Does 4 hours count as ages? That’s my normal time…

    Music, Maestro!


    Cult of Games Member

    @crazyredcoat – it wasn’t even a foreign language song; Nena sang it in English in 1983. It’s just that nobody really bothered to listen to the words, even when they weren’t in “foreign” 😉

    Four hours to get to sleep? You need to give the heavy metal a rest and go for something a little more “middle of the road”. It’ll have you asleep in minutes (unless you’re leading the singalong at the local pub during a jam night…. A, D, E, F#m and Bm will get you through most of it, if you insist)



    Cult of Games Member

    @blinky465  / @crazyredcoat when your language is spoken in mainstream media all of the time it can be hard to even begin to imagine why you need to learn a secondary language.

    To me it’s the exact opposite. I think I was watching German tv before I was taught the language at school (I can even understand the various German dialects ).
    English is taught so early to kids and used so easily in our own media that it’s almost as if we are afraid of our own language, which makes me sad.

    I get that in the technology field it makes sense to have English as the default language, because by the time you’ve translated stuff it is obsolete.

    They also have Dutch schools teach classes in English … which is horrible, especially if you know the atrocious language skills of certain teachers (I’m talking “Engrish” … ). I’m glad I never had to endure that sort of thing.
    The absolute top level of idiocy is that Dutch university on Dutch literature (!) had students write their official thesis (sp?) in English. There is no facepalm meme good enough to describe that sort of thing …

    btw @blinky465 : that Earthworm Jim diorama needs to be launching that cow  … it can’t be a simple static thing 😀

    Final bit in 99 Luft balons :
    “99 Jahre Krieg liessen keine Platz fur Sieger
    Kriegsminister gibt’s nicht mehr und auch keine Dusenflieger
    Heute zieh ich meine Runden
    Seh’ die Welt in Trummern liegen
    Hab”nen Luftballon gefunden
    Denk’ an dich und lass’ ihn fliegen ”

    “After 99 years of war no one has won
    There are no more ministers of war and no jet fighters either
    Today I do my rounds
    See the world in pieces
    I’ve found a baloon
    Thinking of you I let it fly ..”

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    @limburger Writing a thesis in English is an almost academic standard. You do it so that you reach the greatest audience possible and that is, unfortunately, to write in English. One of my professors refers to Louis Agassiz as the Arch Plagiarist because he was hailed as the father of Ice Ages and global glaciations simply because he noticed all the authors in his native Switzerland were not writing in English and thus none of their work was known outside of Switzerland…so he copied it and got away with it… As for teaching in English in the Netherlands, I could understand it were it an English class, but not if it were art or literature… Knowing multiple languages, however, is something I think everyone should do. I don’t think it even matters what language. I’m trying to learn Norwegian, my younger brother is trying to learn Welsh. Neither are very ‘useful’ in an international sense, but they are useful skills.

    @blinky465 Usually the translations aren’t the most accurate to the original intent, though… I have tried just about everything to get myself to sleep, but short of the rubber mallet to the head nothing has worked well yet. 😛

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