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We're on Kickstarter – Cave & Cavern RPG Map Tiles

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    Just wanted to share our latest Kickstarter project – Adventure Realm RPG Map Tiles – Cave & Cavern edition.

    AR Caves front image
    We’ve been producing tabletop map tile sets for a few years now, and this is our fourth one.  Each set has 16 eight inch square tiles with a full colour image on both sides and is laminated to work with drywipe markers.  They’re really cool for running RPGs and quickly putting down maps for playing out scenes with your minis.

    Big Cavern
    While our previous sets have covered towns, castles, wilderness, villages and dungeons, this time we’re covering a Cave & Cavern theme.  There’s a mix of open cavern tiles, so you can make middle and large sized vaulting caverns, ideal for a dragon hoard or a big goblin tribe encounter.  We also have lots of smaller caves and twisting tunnels, with characterful artwork such as a bone cave, rope bridges, underground pools and more.

    Cave Complex
    Our previous three sets are also available on this Kickstarter, and they all work together to create endless gaming scenes.  If you want a castle gatehouse with a path leading into the forest and then a cave entrance leading deep underground, you can combine tiles from the different sets to build that world.

    Caves and all the restThey are the most flexible gaming maps for tabletop gaming.  We found that most of what’s available is either a generic grid pattern which expects you to draw your own scenery, or is highly specific for a particular scenario so can only be used for that one adventure.  Our tiles can be combined and re-arranged into all sorts of scenes, giving both great artwork and re-usability.

    Please take a look at the Kickstarter –

    The project has reached it’s funding target, so we’ll definitely be going to print and will have the new tile sets available by October.  This will be our sixth Kickstarter, all of the others have been delivered on time and within budget so of you feel like pledging please do so knowing your in safe hands.

    All the best,

    Nic & Sean
    Red Dragon Gaming.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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