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When you don't give a damn anymore – KS burnout

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    I’ve got an axe to grind and I’d like to ask if anyone else has had the hype of a KS be worn down to nothing by the time things were fulfilled. Misery loves company. Is there anyone else out there willing to add their two cents? Am I an idiot for going out on a limb once more for the notion of a project?

    When the hype train has crashed headlong into the ground, flinging those aboard into the void without a sense of support before the impact of the unyielding reality, to scream unheard anguish there’s a bit to be said regarding tragedy. In this case I gripe in a manner that is visceral and quite perturbed which is long in the coming. I finally got some damn confirmation on the second Kingdom Death KS that I backed. I just got my second update for BackerKit and I’ve finished my changes to my order. After so much with the company and project I can say I’m done with any KS associated with the material. The first one was a learning experience. This second was in good faith of lessons learned by the company. There won’t be a third with this track record.


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    Legends of the Fabled Realms from 4Ground has left me with a sour taste. Only upside is at least I got a weekend at the OTT  centre and some terrain out of it.


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    I can see how that can sour the experience. And I went through my KS list of backed things and the only ones that I feel bad about are those that haven’t delivered at all.

    First and foremost: Star Citizen (yes there is an alpha yadda yadda but the promised end product is still waaaaaaaay in the distance)

    Since I never back board games in big number (only did Fanticide, Judge Dredd BlockWars and Battletech Clan Wars and all were delivered in timely fashion.) I haven’t been exposed to such “died hype trains”.

    Maybe it’s because I *know* that a KS is usually an investment (long term) and not a “pre order thing” I keep myself from buying stuff  that will make it’s way into retail anyway.



    For me the shine went off KS when Scythe arrived.

    I’m done with KS now after receiving the latest Vaesen book (Mythic Britain) which is sadly a very lazy and mediocre product.


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    The Kickstarter hype train is now one of my reasons to limit my personal involvement in Kickstarters.  If the hype is the reason I’m jumping onboard then I need to whoa up.  I grill myself pretty hard before pulling the trigger anymore.


    I look at the delivery time, add six months to a year and then ask myself how many others games will come and go before what I’m looking at gets delivered.


    The other thing that stops me cold is I remind myself how people LOVE to tell me that I don’t have a right to my stuff being delivered to me before they start selling it to the general public!  **(that’s when I smile and tell myself to NOT back the Kickstarter and just let others back it and I’ll reap the rewards of others money backing the project)**


    BUT……………….there are a very small handful of companies that I will probably still jump in on their projects.  Mainly because they have NEVER sold projects to the public before they have delivered to their backers.





    Shipping prices are going up, and I’m in the middle of the Blacklist Games drama. ): Given that I’ve been backing miniature laden campaigns since Bones I (and even picked up Zombicide Season 1 promos through a flea market), I’m good with bulk generic fantasy miniatures, and zombies, not to mention games with long campaigns. I did pick up the CMON Undead or Alive, so have a good supply of Old West miniatures as well. I’ll still back bulk miniatures that are unusual (Eg. War of the Teddies, Tiny Furniture’s “Sitting People”) or anything to fill out the collection.

    I’ll back the Gloomhaven miniatures KS, but think I’ll not buy Frostgrave because of the $250 retail cost and Update 80. Retail holiday sales are *still* good, and have free shipping to boot. I’ve spent $150 with Noble Knight (before the union issues) and maybe $100 at Miniature Market (Arkham Horror 3rd edition for $32). With the holiday sales, I think I still spend a fair amount of hobby money retail.

    I’m okay with waiting, since it takes me five or so years to get around to playing a game I’ve bought. KDM *has* had a of hype before the second KS, but it was also known that it would take forever to ship out and the scope would go nuts. I actually haven’t opened the inner shrinkwrap of the core box yet. 😛

    As for hype, for myself, the hype is usually followed by a high price tag (eg. Oathsworn) or disappointing selection (eg. Terrain Crate 3 — I don’t play unusual sf that could use the plants or mat) so I close the tab and wait for the next KS. I do like the BoW ads reminding me of mini’s I don’t have the budget or time to play with. (I keed — BoW is my favorite way I can find out what mini’s are out there!) 😀



    I backed a lot of stuff on ks initially… but often find by the time the game actually arrives my interests have drifted away the game… either because the hype train derailed when the ks ended, or the product is just so late being delivered.

    And a lot of games are either crap when they arrive (Zombicide Black Plague)…

    Or poorly tested and later released as a 1.5 version (Endure the Stars, Mythic Battles Pantheon) which cost a lot to update and fix (because they use backers as beta testers).

    Now I tend to only back UK based ks and ones that have a short delivery span… like Crooked Dice ks which are often only a few months away…


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    Last night – 26th, there was a KDM update…things moving forward etc… I`m not a backer, just let you know if you have not checked in on them. Myself, Its Hel the last sage…just quickly went right now and checked on dates..! Went live on May 2020, and ETA of Jun 2021…woops…

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