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Why 6mm is God's own scale

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    After Lloyds point in this weeks Weekender about playing rules with smaller minis than intended (and getting away from 28mm), here’s my favourite gallery featuring 6mm figures and the IABSYM rules from TooFatLardies (intended as a skirmish set of rules). You could even go mad and buy the exquisite GHQ 6mm tanks and still save major money (and time painting) over sticking with 28mm miniatures.

    BTW the gallery is all the work of a Mr Mark Luther and well worth trawling through for inspiration and terrain ideas. There’s a lot of “heretical” non 6mm gaming, but Mark’s been kind enough to label the 6mm stuff clearly (so you won’t have to scrub out your eyes after viewing non 6mm stuff 😀 )

    …see how the tanks actually look “right” on the table now 🙂


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    Can’t disagree with the sentiment but I’m not sure I would say IABSM was a skirmish game


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    I while ago, I decided that 28/32mm created massive tabletop experiences that few people actually had room for (myself included). I started moving to 20mm (15mm was just that bit too small, but 20mm fitted perfectly with Matchbox cars for scatter terrain). I really struggled to find decent ranges (apart from a few sculptors, a lot of 15mm/20mm stuff just looked like blobs stuck onto a pipecleaner body!).

    Then I got a 3d resin printer. In theory, I could rescale anything down to 20mm if I wanted.

    But I actually enjoy painting larger, heroic scale minis (32mm) more than 28mm – so I scale stuff up so I can enjoy painting it. I rarely game. But if I did, I’d be all over the smaller scales. I’m just not sure I can face re-printing and re-painting all the minis I’ve enjoyed doing over lockdown this year!


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    Well I’ve become a convert.  Cheaper, easier to paint. The big battles look like a big battle.  And don’t take anywhere near as much room to store either.  Not sure why I never did this scale before.  I guess it’s down to perhaps game snobbery.  Where we see these small figures we perhaps dismiss them out of hand.  I think gaming has a room for all scales.  But we don’t see many 6mm games at the big shows so are eyes are drawn to the bigger 28mm eye candy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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