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Infinity Launches New Rules Download for Free!


The folks behind Infinity have produced some free previews of the new campaign book for download!

Free Ruined Wall Paper Craft Set for Backstagers


Here's the latest model we have for Backstagers which provides a nice contrast to the complete buildings we've been bringing to you guys.

Warren Meets the Gaming Masters from Warlord Games


Warren meets three of the most influential figures in tabletop gaming as they discuss the new games from Warlord... Bolt Action and Pike & Shotte. Watch for a chance to WIN Bolt Action Boxes!

Dare you Read… the Call of Cthulhu?


To celebrate the launch of our Cthulhu Hub, we've reprinted the classic H.P. Lovecraft short story... The Call of Cthulhu... in all it's horrific glory!

Download the latest Gear Up E-Zine Today!


If you missed it then what are you waiting for, the latest Gear Up E-Zine for Heavy Gear is available for download.

Apothecary Paper Craft Building for Backstagers


For all you fantasy & historical players here’s a download that's sure to be of interest. This is the Apothecary from which is sort of the medieval version of a Boots Pharmacy.

Lovecraftian Music for your Horror Gaming


Time to make yourself feel terrified while you game?

Sci-Fi Bunker Kit Download for Backstagers


For all you fans of Sci-Fi with a Backstage Pass we have a treat for you this month. A free download of the Bunker Deluxe Kit from, a multi layered set of PDFs with various configurations.

50% Off the Mermaid Tavern Winter Edition Paper Model


Are you looking for something last minute for your wargaming buddies? Well maybe the Mermaid Tavern Winter Edition Paper Model from is it.

FREE Game for all viewers for Christmas


We have been planning a big game to give away for Christmas... and well... we received the final version through today. Darrell was project manager, so there still might be a couple of minor errors.

Wolsung Skirmish Game Beta Test


If you're interested in trying out the new Steampunk Skirmish Rules for Wolsung, then check out the new webpage devoted to this new game.

Tower Ruin free for Backstagers!


Continuing our drive to bring you guys and gals excellent paper terrain we have the Tower Ruin from free for Backstage Pass holders.

Infinity Quickstart Rules… 2nd Edition


To celebrate the launch of the Dragao, we've updated our Quick Start Rules to clarify some of the entries.

1st Edition Rules for Relics available… NOW!


That's right, the 76 page 1st edition Rulebook for Relics is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the Tor Gaming website.

Exclusive Backstage Download… Heavy Gear: Blitz! Rulebook


To celebrate the launch of the latest NuCoal products, Dream Pod 9 have given us an exclusive PDF of the Heavy Gear: Blitz! Field Manual to giveaway to members of Backstage.

Free Carnevale Rulebook and Review by Jake Thornton


The Carnevale Rulebook is now available for free download from the Vesper-On Games website. Take a look at the review written by our pal Jake Thornton.

How to Paint a Heavy Gear Meggido


So you want to know how to paint a Meggido for Heavy Gear Arena? Then check out this fantastic HOW TO GUIDE from the studio painters at Dream Pod 9. Don't forget... if you're painting your favourite gear, then why not enter it into the Dream Pod 9 Golden Gear competition?

Tudor Shop: Perfect for Your Pirate Town!


To round-up Cutlass Week we have this download from Dave Graffam Models. Combine this Tudor Shop with the other Townhouse model and you will have the start of a great looking pirate town!

Watch Station Now in Backstage for Download


Here’s the latest Printable Terrain Download FREE for Backstage Pass holders, the Watch Station from Dave Graffam Models and a video free for all to watch showing what a Multilayer PDF is.

Free Assassin Comic From Mongoose Publishing


To help introduce people into the boardgame Dark Eon Assassin: Tyrant of Acheron, Mongoose Publishing have a released a new free to download comic!

Downloadable Map and Rules Available For Sedition Wars


Yes it the moment you've all been waiting for, the Alpha Rules for Sedition Wars are now available to download.

GameScape – The Ruined Office Block!


This is the first in a newline of GameScape printout terrain exclusively available to Beasts of War Backstage Pass holders... The Ruined Office Block! Click here to download the PDF and start building your epic city!

Go Fer Yer Guns! Dev. Rules 002


Lloyd and Andy discuss the latest rules update for Go Fer Yer Guns!

Dave Graffam Models: Townhouse


In this What's in the Box we look at something a bit different, a set of paper terrain from Dave Graffam Models. Backstage Pass holders can download an exclusive version of this model for FREE!

A Spotlight on Dark Age this Week


After Darrell's shameful overview of Dark Age: Apocalypse on TURN 8, we've sent him away with a copy of the game's Quickstart rules to try to ease him in to the Dark Age universe more easily.

Go Fer Yer Guns! The Mechanics & First Rules Set


Lloyd and I take a bit of time to go through the first Go Fer Yer Guns rules set and have a chat about the premise and some of our plans for the future of the game.

Get your free Dark Age Downloads now!


If you're interested in Dark Age Apocalypse (and why wouldn't you be), then you can get on over to the Dark Age website and download their forces lists... for FREE!

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