A Spotlight on Dark Age this Week

July 16, 2011 by beerogre

After Darrell's shameful overview of Dark Age: Apocalypse on TURN 8, we've sent him away with a copy of the game's Quickstart rules to try to ease him in to the Dark Age universe more easily.

Click Here to Download Dark Age Quickstart Rules

The Quickstart set looks fantastic and it contains everything you need to play a small game of Dark Age, including templates and counters. All you need is a friend, some starter sets (or proxy models) and dice.

Dark Age FREE Quickstart Rules

If you haven't seen any of the cool miniatures available for Dark Age, then get a look at these beauties!

Dark Age Miniatures

So join us this week as we spotlight the Quickstart rules of Dark Age and perhaps we can get Darrell to read some fluff for once... well... maybe we'll not hope for too much right away.

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