A New Amazon Slices & Dices In Freebooter’s Fate

October 1, 2014 by brennon

Freebooter continue their look at what's coming to SPIEL this year with an Amazonian addition. See what you think of the various stages of work that have gone into Tzinaka...

Tzinaka (Sketch)

Tzinaka (Green)

Tzinaka (Painted)

Tzinaka (Painted Alt)

This may be one of the occasions where the sculpt could have lost something from the original sketch. Something about the sculpt makes it look slightly off and I think it might be that the head appears too wide. You can see it more clearly when you check out the painted miniature face on but the effect vanishes when you see her from the side.

I'm not entirely sure painting her up in a Black Cat style costume colour was quite the right ideas either but as an idea she's not bad at all. Those blades look wickedly awesome. Not my favourite of their pieces but certainly well detailed.

What do you think?

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