Channel Awesome Brings a New LARP Film to the Internet

January 31, 2013 by dracs

A while back we reported on an upcoming, low budget comedy horror film based around LARPing called the Knights of Badassia. Well now Channel Awesome are bringing their own take on LARP with their upcoming film Nerd Quest.

Nerd Quest

Now for those who may not know, Channel Awesome is a collective of various review-based comedy shows, including characters like the Nostalgia Critic and Diamanda Hagan. They have produced a couple of full length, parody style films in the past, but this is the first to centre around the UK members of the Channel Awesome cast.

NerdQuest Cast

Obviously, this film has no where near the funding or quality we can expect from Knights of Badassia, but nonetheless the writing, characterisations and sheer amount of geeky injokes Channel Awesome seems to specialise in makes me hopeful that this could at least prove entertaining.

Channel Awesome's films tend to be quite fun and it will certainly be interesting to see what this take on LARP is like.

How bad or good do you think this could be?

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