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Review: This Is The Game You're Looking For

June 2, 2018 by sotf

In Love

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I've played several star wars minis games, but this is the second one I've actually gotten obsessive about.

I played the West End Games one and it tended to have availability issues near me along with few people wanting to play.

I was heavily into the Wizards of the Coast pre-painted one, even the organized play. I also played their space combat one...which wasn't that good.

I tried X-Wing and Armada.

Legion, however, is a far more interesting mix of things with possibilities.

The game play is easy to understand with a few exceptions that are likely being fixed as the rules flow. The minis are pretty spot on for their scale, which isn't really a surprise since FFG has already had a decent amount of experience with the universe.

The vehicles and models assemble easily, same with the components FFG is also quite helpful in dealing with any problems that come about there...

It plays relatively quickly even while learning, and speed does accelerate quite a bit once you've played a few games. The units feel like they're supposed to in the universe, Vader being the implacable death machine (See Rogue One), Luke being quick around the battlefield, stormtroopers accuracy...

At the moment, the only real problems the game has is a lack of units and the lack of a printed rulebook. The first is being resolved as they release new units and are doing so on a regular basis even if it's somewhat harder to keep up with what I want at the moment due to the schedule and the initial need to paint them up.

For the rulebook, that is more of a taste issue. I prefer to have a physical copy rather than be forced to rely on a digital copy where I need to worry about power issues and updates.

The game is a fun way to spend some time in the universe, and it feels like the classic star wars more and more as releases come out.

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