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We have an awesome episode of The Weekender from the US Studio!

Let The Wookie Win! New Star Wars: Legion Releases Announced


Star Wars: Legion expands in the near future with a look towards allies on both sides of the galactic conflict.

Weekender: Age Of Sigmar Champions & Bolt Action Boot Camp Announced


We’re talking Age Of Sigmar Champions with PlayFusion, the future expansions for Lightseekers and cracking open some cool terrain this week!

Delve Deeper Into Star Wars: Legion With The Rebel Scum Podcast


If you’re into Star Wars: Legion and want some more hobby-related content to delve into then check out The Rebel Scum Podcast!

Defend Your Priority Supplies In FFG’s Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has now released their set of terrain for Star Wars: Legion, the Priority Supplies box. 

Weekender: What’s New For Drowned Earth & UKGE Prize Winners Announced!

1 month ago 106

UKGE Prize Winners to announce, a great delve into Vanguard Of War and Drowned Earth and much more today on the show!

The Emperor Brings His Ultimate Power To Star Wars: Legion


Fantasy Flight Games has decided that if you can’t get your underlings to do a job properly, you send in the head honcho.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 8


Time to furnish the space station and talk a bit about narrative! 

Weekender: Wargaming Kursk & A Brand New Terrain Challenge!


We’ve got an interview looking at wargaming through Kursk AND the announcement of a new Terrain Challenge!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 7


Hello everyone. In this video I respond to some feedback from Collin at Battle Systems and start to add more structure to the table. Come take a look. 

Ace New Sci-Fi ColorED Range Coming Soon From PlastCraft Games


PlastCraft Games has been working on a new range of awesome Sci-Fi Terrain for their ColorED range.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 6


Lots to look at on today’s update. Let’s dive right in and see how the table looks now!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 5


Welcome back to more playing with Battle Systems for this Star Wars Legion table build…

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 4


Hello everyone! It’s time to get back into the Space Station table build.

Weekender: Mythic Weave Tales Of Solomon Kane + CMON’s A Song Of Ice & Fire Unboxed!


Today we’re unboxing A Song Of Ice & Fire by CMON and hearing all about what makes Mythic Games’ Solomon Kane tick with Az!

Mount Your Star Wars: Legion Models On New FFG Sculpted Bases


If you’re looking to get into the hobbying side of Star Wars: Legion then Fantasy Flight Games’ new Premium Bases might be what you’re looking for. 

Star Wars: Legion General Veers // Stream Archives


Join John today as he’ll be striking up the brushes from the dusty wasteland of the Hobby Lab

Hold The Line With Star Wars: Legion 1.4 FD Laser Cannons & E-Webs! [Updated]


New heavy weapon teams are dropping in for the forces of Star Wars: Legion thanks to Fantasy Flight Games.

UKGE Star Wars: Legion Tournament Live Stream


Welcome to the first fully sponsored Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Star Wars Legion tournament held at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Run and streamed by Glasshammer Gaming.

Boba Fett Movie In The Works By James Mangold


James Mangold, the Director behind the rather superb outing for Wolverine that was Logan, is going to be at the helm of the new Boba Fett movie spin-off.

Weekender: Wild West Exodus Game Design Philosophy & Salute Winners Announced!

3 months ago 95

We sit down with Roberto from Warcradle about
the design philosophy for Wild West Exodus.

Star Wars: Legion Table – Ready For An Evening Of Gaming!


We come towards the end of the day here at Beasts Of War and the team is getting ready to play some Star Wars: Legion…

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – The Return!


It has been two weeks in the making, but I can finally show you my Star Wars Legion table!

Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 3


Hello everyone! While I am waiting for more terrain parts to arrive, I’ve turned my attention to some X-wing Fighters.

Community Spotlight: Surly Shamans, A Legion Diorama & Conquest Warriors


Star Wars Legion – Space Station Interior Table // Part 2


Today I discuss your awesome comments and what we have thought about due to your feedback.

Star Wars Legion – Space Station interior table // Part 1


On to a new project today! I am starting to put together an awesome space station interior or use in Star Wars Legion.

AT-ST & Air Speeders with John // Stream Archives


In my last stream I was painting up some marvellous AT-ST’s and Air Speeders from Fantasy Flight Games, I even paint in a happy little tree for your viewing pleasure.

AT-RT Walkers with John // Stream Archives


John’s painting up a storm on the Beasts of War Twitch Channel.

Star Wars Legion Speeder Bikes // Stream Archives


Join John tomorrow at 1pm BST over on twitch or here on the BoW site as he’ll be painting Live!

Battle Foam Release Foam For Your Big Star Wars: Legion Vehicles


As well as the foam that already exists for Star Wars: Legion by Battle Foam (UK Store), they have also now added new foam on the US Store for your AT-STs, Airspeeders and Terrain features.

Weekender: Cracking Open Godtear Early Access Kit + Tabletop Giveaways Galore!


We’ve got quite the packed show for you this week. Buckle up Beasts, we have tonnes of prizes to give away this weekend!

New Battle Foam Star Wars: Legion Inserts Coming Soon


A new set of Star Wars: Legion foam is coming out to protect your models thanks to Battle Foam.

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 12


It’s time to move on to the platforms and get them weathered before the big final reveal!

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 11


The end is within reach now everyone! Let me show you the weathering of the AT-AT!

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 10


I am really happy to announce that I am ready to take the AT-AT to the weathering stage!

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 9


With the AT-AT and the scaffolding all primed, it’s time to move on to some airbrushing!

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 8


Today marks a real visible step forward in the project everyone!It’s time to take the AT-AT to prime!

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 7


Today I turn my attention towards the platforms around the AT-AT and discuss the issues I’m facing.

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 6


Today I look at how the broken legs are attached to the AT-AT and the little details to make them both stable, and good looking.

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 5


Time to check out how I am adding more details to this beautifully destroyed AT-AT.

Star Wars: Legion Table Build VLOG – Part 4


In part 4, I look at how to fill in and cover the feet to make them look less toy-ish.