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Wolsung Stratagems: Snorri’s Wondrous Flea


Łukasz from Micro Art Studio joins us once more to focus on one of Warren's favorite Wolsung miniatures, Snorri Rottstein on his Golemic Flea and tells us how he can assist in getting Golems quickly across the board.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Xenah’s Windborne Charge


For this XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz learn more about hard hitting Xenah Qiang of the Triad of Lotus Dragon. She wields a devastating weapon and can hit as hard as a boosted Security Golem.

Wolsung Stratagems: Supercharging Your Golem


Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio attempt to kill an Ogre Bruiser in one turn with one model in a game of Wolsung. To do it they have a behemoth of a Golem to help them (and a tiny one too).

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Setting Up The Perfect Charge


In the XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio get to grips with the charge mechanic and discover how using your support and biding your time affects it.

Wolsung Stratagems: How To Use The Hounds of Zachary III


Our series covering Wolsung with Micro Art Studio's Łukasz Perzanowski continues with a look at Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III and his two trusty hounds, ready to sniff out Sir Zachary's enemies.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Assassination By Ata Kijao


For this XLBS episode of Wolsung Stratagems Łukasz from Micro Art Studio walks Warren through some of the nice abilities of the Triad of Lotus Dragon's Ata Kijao Orc Kunoichi, including wielding deadly ninja stars.

Wolsung Stratagems: Mistwalker Ability


Łukasz Perzanowski from Micro Art Studio and Warren look at how to use the Mistwalker Ability in this cool Steampunk style game.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Mr Cheng’s Blood Magic


In our XLBS episode Łukasz from Micro Art Studio walks Warren through some cool things Mr Cheng of the Triad of Lotus Dragon can do with his Blood Magic.

Wolsung Stratagems: Thorvald’s Impervious Shield


We take a look at how tough Thorvald Nielsgaard's impervious shield can be.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Ingrid’s Miraculous Mirrors


How to use Ingird with her Mirror Golems to set up a bouncing laser that can dish out multiple hits and be very painful!

Wolsung Stratagems: The Armstrong Toss


In the first episode of a new mini series we take a look at Archibald Armstrong and an ability he has called the Armstrong Toss.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Ubiquitous Butlers


Łukasz Perzanowski from Micro Art Studio tells us all about Ubiquitous Butlers and how to use them during a game of Wolsung SSG.

Deploying Your Troops For Infinity


Carlos and Warren are back for another little look at tips and tactics for playing Infinity.

MERCS – Sefadu – Faction Tips


Gear up and get ready as the MERCS Global event is now only one day away! Lucas and Justin have therefore decided to squeeze in one last faction tip video before things kick off. Will the Sefadu be your faction of choice?

Mercs – Keizai Waza – Faction Tips


The MERCS Global event is closing in and every faction must be prepared! Justin and Lucas therefore take a little time to chat about the Keizai Waza

Mercs – Kem Var – Faction Tips


The MERCS Global Event is getting ever closer so Justin and Lucas sit down for another chat about one of the factions in MERCS. This time we get to chat about those pesky Brazilians, the Kem Var, with all their stealthy sneaky shenanigans.

All Your Landraiders are Belong to Swampy!!!


That's right guys its time for a different take on transport vehicles in your games of Warhammer 40K as Swampy and Justin share there thoughts on the state of play for these perhaps forgotten and over looked models.

Warmachine Assassination Runs


In Warmachine it's always important to protect your Warcaster. Swampy shows Justin one of the ways that the Retribution of Scyrah can sneak around your lines and get that caster kill to win the game.

Coxey292s Question about Drop Pods in 6th Edition 40K


Darrell is asked an important question about 6th Edition Space Marine Drop Pods... a question that leads him to wax lyrical about their new effectiveness!

Is this the Ultimate Necron Cheese?


Can 6th Edition Necrons really do this? Darrell reveals a pretty substantial "loophole" for Necron players during the Relic mission in new 6th Edition 40K.

Flames of War Tips… Bogged Tanks


Matt has some tips on what to do about Bogged Tanks and how to use your infantrymen to help you out in your games of Flames of War.

Flames of War Tips… Defensive Fire & Assaults


Matt has some thoughts on how to get the most out of your defensive fire and what to look out for when making an assault with your infantry in Flames of War.

Assaulting with Warhammer 40K Characters


Are you having trouble with snap fire while assaulting? Darrell takes a moment to discuss some of the ways to improve your odds.

Have the Necrons Lost Their Punch in 6th Edition Warhammer 40K?


Darrell is asked a question about the Necrons. Have they really lost their punch in 6th Edition, or have they just changed their focus?

Kitting out your Sergeant in Warhammer 40K


What sort of stuff can you give to your squad sergeant? Darrell has some good ideas... check them out.

Flames of War Tips… Fighting Withdrawal


Matt and Andy discuss some strategic tips to consider when playing the Strategic Withdrawal mission in Flames of War.

How to Maximize Focus fire


Darrell has an idea to help you destroy those lurking enemy... focus your fire and don't stop shooting!

Placing Special Weapons in Warhammer 40K


Darrell has been asked a question about placing your special weapons in a unit... is there a best place?

Flames of War Tips… Free for All


Matt and Andy discuss how to win at one of the favourite missions in Flames of War... Free For All!

Flames of War Tip… The Cauldron


The Cauldron is one of the toughest missions in the Flames of War game... Matt sets us up with some advice on how to win... or at least how to survive!

Playing Keep Away with Space Marine Vindcators


Darrell has a handy Warhammer 40K tip to stop your opponent stealing an inch in order to get you into range of his big guns.

How to Beat the Wall of Death!


Darrell shows you a painful, but effective way to deal with that ferocious Wall of Death.

For the Greater Good! Tau Get a 6th Edition Boost


We get sent a tip to make Tau rock hard 6th edition butt kickers... or was it sent as a joke? You decide!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Pyromancy


The guys haven't pulled their punches on this new addition to 40K... and they really have it in for Pyromancy!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Biomancy


Powers of Mind & Body... but will the art of Biomancy be the discipline to crush our boy's spirit?

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Telepathy


The new Psychic power rules for 40K have had a while to bed in. Andy & Darrell are embarking on a week long adventure to see what these new powers contain and whether they are of any use to your army.

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Divination


They've had very few good things to say about Psychic Powers so far... but I predicts that Divination might be the one to change all that!

Warhammer 40K Psychic Powers: Telekinesis


Today we take a look at the telekinesis discipline... with it rock our world?

Flames of War Tip… Using Mortars & Smoke


Matt from Flames of War tells us about the strategic advantages to using smoke rounds in your infantry mortars.

Avoid that Derelict Fortress at All Costs!


Do you ever use a Fortress of Redemption or a Bastion as terrain? If you do you need to see this video!

You Can’t Charge What You Can’t See


Darrell is back to his old tricks! Today he has a closer look at the charges in Warhammer 40K and how you can mess with your opponent.

Drop Pods… who to put in them in 6th Edition 40K


Darrell and Andy talk through some of the best options to load out your Drop Pod and how to get them into action ASAP.

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