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Wolsung Stratagems: Vito Vendetta’s Special Rules


Oh no, time is up! Vito Vendetta and his cousins in the Mafia are out to collect their debts as we explore how this works on the tabletop in Wolsung!

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Sybilla’s Tentacle Tactics


In this episode of Wolsung Stratagems, we're activating Sir Henry Bucklepunch and the tasteful Sybilla Vendetta who has some fearsome tactics to employ using those tentacles of hers!

Wolsung Stratagems: Playing With Your Toy Henchmen


It's about time we got some mechanical toys on the table, and that's exactly what we have planned for this episode of Wolsung Stratagems.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Using Undead Minions


The Ven Rier Zombies are a fearsome team, and when ganged up, it's going to be a rotten embrace!

Wolsung Stratagems: Straight To The Punch!


Today I'm going to be playing the Ash and Oak class, up against Lukazs' terrifying Inventors club.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Running Circles Around The Enemy


I may have also got Sir Henry Bucklepunch in a bit of a sticky situation as well.

Wolsung Stratagems: Drive by Shootings with Vehicles


Welcome to a new Season of Wolsung Stratagems, we're starting off with a bang, or should I say with a ready, steady, go!

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: An Explosive End to Vehicles


We see just how brutally strong the Ogre Bruisers can be in your games of Wolsung!

Wolsung Stratagems: Snorri’s Wondrous Flea


Łukasz from Micro Art Studio joins us once more to focus on one of Warren's favorite Wolsung miniatures, Snorri Rottstein on his Golemic Flea and tells us how he can assist in getting Golems quickly across the board.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Xenah’s Windborne Charge


For this XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz learn more about hard hitting Xenah Qiang of the Triad of Lotus Dragon. She wields a devastating weapon and can hit as hard as a boosted Security Golem.

Wolsung Stratagems: Supercharging Your Golem


Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio attempt to kill an Ogre Bruiser in one turn with one model in a game of Wolsung. To do it they have a behemoth of a Golem to help them (and a tiny one too).

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Setting Up The Perfect Charge


In the XLBS edition of Wolsung Stratagems Warren and Łukasz from Micro Art Studio get to grips with the charge mechanic and discover how using your support and biding your time affects it.

Wolsung Stratagems: How To Use The Hounds of Zachary III


Our series covering Wolsung with Micro Art Studio's Łukasz Perzanowski continues with a look at Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III and his two trusty hounds, ready to sniff out Sir Zachary's enemies.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Assassination By Ata Kijao


For this XLBS episode of Wolsung Stratagems Łukasz from Micro Art Studio walks Warren through some of the nice abilities of the Triad of Lotus Dragon's Ata Kijao Orc Kunoichi, including wielding deadly ninja stars.

Wolsung Stratagems: Mistwalker Ability


Łukasz Perzanowski from Micro Art Studio and Warren look at how to use the Mistwalker Ability in this cool Steampunk style game.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Mr Cheng’s Blood Magic


In our XLBS episode Łukasz from Micro Art Studio walks Warren through some cool things Mr Cheng of the Triad of Lotus Dragon can do with his Blood Magic.

Wolsung Stratagems: Thorvald’s Impervious Shield


We take a look at how tough Thorvald Nielsgaard's impervious shield can be.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Ingrid’s Miraculous Mirrors


How to use Ingird with her Mirror Golems to set up a bouncing laser that can dish out multiple hits and be very painful!

Wolsung Stratagems: The Armstrong Toss


In the first episode of a new mini series we take a look at Archibald Armstrong and an ability he has called the Armstrong Toss.

Wolsung Stratagems XLBS: Ubiquitous Butlers


Łukasz Perzanowski from Micro Art Studio tells us all about Ubiquitous Butlers and how to use them during a game of Wolsung SSG.

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