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Arkham Horror



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Lovecraft’s Own Nightmare Swoops into Arkham Horror


Fantasy Flight have once again added to their range of pre-painted Lovecraftian monsters for the game Arkham Horror. This time it is a monster which haunted the dreams of Lovecraft himself, the Night Gaunt.

A Myriad of Maddening Monsters from Fantasy Flight


Fantasy Flight Games have released the third wave of their pre-painted monster minis to bring your games of Arkham Horror to life.

Gaming on the Go: Supplementary Apps


Thanks to the wonders of iPod apps we are now able to game on the go. I've had a couple of these kind of apps on my iPod Touch for a little while now and I just thought I would take some time to share my experiences with you.

Fantasy Flight Unleash Monsters into the Horror of Arkham


Fantasy Flight have released the second wave of painted monsters for use in games of Arkham Horror. Check out these gribbly beasties.

Arkham Horror Premium Monster Set Slithers Forth


Brand new Pre-painted Monsters for your Lovecraftian Board Games by Fantasy Flight.

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