Asmodee Digital Board Game Stash Live On Humble Bundle!

April 15, 2022 by fcostin

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Asmodee is back on Humble Bundle with some of their classic board game titles, adapted for Steam and to be added to your digital library in the Game Night Bundle.

Some of Admodee's biggest titles are at the forefront of the bundle, bringing 19 items in total for as little as £9.95.

Game Night Bundle - Admodee And Humble Bundle

Game Night Bundle // Admodee And Humble Bundle

There is a mix of base games, DLCs and an additional special steam code to get stuck into. Titles include Smallworld, A Game of Thrones: The Board GameThe Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition, Carcassonne and Terraforming Mars. Some of which are just as expensive on steam to buy on their own!

If you do not want everything in the bundle, there are other options to dip into. You can cut it down to 11 items, taking away the likes of Splendor and Carcasonne for £8.81. Or if you just want to get your hands on Smallworld, Smallworld DLC and Love Letter you can get a 3-item bundle for as little as 76p!

Icluded Titles - Game Night Bundle

Included Titles // Game Night Bundle

Along with all of the board games and DLCS, there is also a cheeky 20% voucher in the bundle if you have been keen on trying out the new digital edition of Gloomhaven, in a translated dungeon-crawling experience.

I have got a good few of these downloaded myself, they're great to have as part of my Steam library, and use a lot of them to practice and learn, and as a tool. Before I get in a more competitive game with my group! I like to know the full scope because I tend to be the person who teaches the rules!

The offer ends in 7 days, so if you are looking to expand your steam library further with some of Asmodee's top titles - be sure to check out the deal over at Humble Bundle.

Would you be tempted by the Game Night Bundle? 

"Bringing 19 items in total for as little as £9.95!"

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