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The next chapter in the Legendary Encounters series is Predator! We picked it up at Gen Con so we could give you the inside scoop. How many times can we yell "GET TO DA CHOPPA!"?

Upper Deck Turn Marvel Heroes Into Comic-Con Exclusive Art


Upper Deck Entertainment have some fancy artwork for you to pick up at Comic-Con 2015 this week. The first piece of artwork is a rare Daredevil design which is going to be available online and as a variant at their booth itself. The range is going to grow too...

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If you've just been to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier you are probably in Marvel-mode. The antidote to that craving, for me at least, is Legendary! See what you think of this deck builder bringing together dozens of Marvel heroes!

Take On Legendary Galactus With Fantastic Four Pack


The Fantastic Four pack for Legendary is now out and you can add it to your ever growing collection of superheroes.

Add More Fantastic Four Fun To Legendary!


Check out this new expansion for Legendary that allows you to boost the power of the Fantastic Four.

Continue The Legendary Marvel Adventure With Dark City


Check out the Dark City release for Legendary and some more snazzy looking artwork from the world of Marvel.

More Marvel Art Previews For Legendary’s Dark City


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Upper Deck Introduce New Heroes For Legendary: Dark City


The Legendary card game which explores the fight between heroes and villains in the Marvel universe is getting an expansion and with it some neat artwork.

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